ASUS Eee Pad launch at Computex; on market end of July 2010

Apple's iPad may have reached the market first, but ASUS and MSI are hot on their heels.  ASUS chairman Jerry Shen has confirmed that the ASUS Eee Pad, the company's Android-based tablet, will make its press debut at Computex 2010 in early June, with a commercial launch in Q3 2010 (more specifically, late July, at least according to component makers).  Meanwhile, MSI are also ramping up to launch their tablet, the M Pad, in Q3, though they're apparently watching to see response to the Eee Pad before deciding on precise shipments and marketing.

The ASUS Eee Pad will be based on NVIDIA's Tegra chipset, and have features including USB connectivity, an integrated webcam and Adobe Flash support.  Shih says the company have also "strengthened" the tablet's industrial design, in response to feedback regarding the iPad.

Biggest drawback may be pricing.  Shih reckons the Eee Pad will come in at NT$15,000-16,000 (US$479-510), though that's apparently "after bundling with telecom carrier services."  Nonetheless, ASUS are expecting to ship 300,000 units by the end of the year.