Sony PSP 2 Speculation Picks up Before E3

Evan Selleck - May 12, 2010
Sony PSP 2 Speculation Picks up Before E3

When we get close to the big trade shows throughout the years, there are key elements we look for. Speculation of some of the largest products on the market, for example, are some of those things. For Sony, their PSP handheld is still one of the most popular handheld gaming units on the market, so there’s no surprise that with E3 just around the corner, the rumors about a new PSP are going to pick up. So, get your salt shaker ready, as we dive into this one.

According to UK publication MCV, there has been a major increase in spending for marketing at two key publishers, all of which are aiming for a fourth quarter, 2010 launch of whatever it is they’re marketing. Of course, no one is able to say anything definitively at this point. Another publisher is waiting for a specific announcement from the platform holder, before they can move forward with their own announcements and marketing campaign. Though, they did dance around the talk of ongoing development for titles behind closed curtains.

As it stands right now, the PSP has seen a few revisions, along with the introduction of the PSPGo, and it’s now in its sixth year on the market. Many believe that now would be the perfect time to release a new handheld, and not just another “variation” of the one before it. Then again, many people have said a new PSP should have been out three years ago. With Nintendo going to announce their new DS model, featuring 3D capabilities, it seems now would not be only the perfect time for Sony to announce a new PSP, but also a time where they need to announce it.

[via The PS3 Blog]

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