SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: September 14, 2012

This morning you're likely either pre-ordering an iPhone 5 or attempting to avoid all contact with news on the subject – lucky for you, we've got two avenues for you to travel down! You'll find yourself seeing news like iPhone 5 compromises and choices for each different carrier you're about to work with. Today you can also pre-order a Wii in the UK and Europe if you wish.

If you want an iPhone dock that's already out, you may be thinking about converters – with Bang & Olufsen's upgrade you'll get that functionality for free! HP will be taking another stab at a smartphone in the future – Meg Whitman says so. You'll see some lovely Space Shuttle Runway Action this morning with historical markers galore.

Take a peek at iPhone 5 Lightning confusion and the madness that surrounds it. You can now watch the Curiosity landing on Mars with sound effects. PowerSkin has made a lovely new NFC-ready skin for the Galaxy S III. Raise a torch and remember the late, great Super Mario Kart.

If you're a Microsoft employee, you may well be getting some free Surface gear while the big time gear sits in the pipeline for the public. Stay tuned for more official info – sooner than later, more than likely – on the Olympus E-PL5 and E-PM2 – big time cameras! If you're pre-ordering the iPhone 5 and haven't picked one up already, you'll be waiting two weeks or more at this point.