SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: January 31, 2012

We're going to start seeing leaked and/or pre-released information about Mobile World Congress 2012 pretty soon, folks, and the flood does begin right here in ernest with a rather intimate look at the HTC Ville with Sense 4.0. We've got a report that iPhone 5 will be rolling out with NFC for the masses to pay their bills. And for your third completely unrelated news bit to start the morning off right: that conversation the president had with us on Google+ ended up speaking about SOPA – as if it's not already dead.

For those of you that've been using Megaupload in the past, do not worry, your data will be safe until mid-February – but good luck getting it back. There's one gigantic investigation going on right this second regarding Samsung 3G patents by the European Commission. There's a brand new Google+ page made for and by Android Developers. We've gone ahead and finally done a review of some stylus pens – Kuel H10 and H12 to be precise.

Inside Windows 8 Office you're going to see some fake Metro skins. Google is in trouble with the United States Congress and has responded to privacy concerns in kind. The software known as Final Cut Pro X has been massively updated. Panasonic has launched a brand new Lumix DMC-ZS20 for you tiny lovers. And what do you know – Windows 8 Kinect has been leaked again.