Android developers get their own official Google+ page

If you are an Android developer, you now have your own space on Google+ to visit and hang out with other developers. The Android development team now has a dedicated page on Google+ where they can meet, talk, share, and connect. Google hopes it will give the developers a place to meet and share ideas. I'm sure more than a few new developers will manage to make their way to the official page and to ask experienced developers questions.

The official page launched yesterday, and in a few hours, it had 7000 followers who had added the page their circles. If you like Android and want to learn more about developing your own apps and software for the platform, this will be a great place to start. The page will also host Google+ Hangouts and will allow the developers to share video and pictures from developer events all around the world.

Google also hopes that the new page will help developers join in conversations about new developer tools, SDKs, and training material. It's no surprise that Google would roll out this sort of page for Android developers. This is the sort of thing Google+ was meant for.

[via Android Community]