SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: January 21, 2013

Chris Burns - Jan 21, 2013
SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: January 21, 2013

This morning it’s leak city as the rumor mill starts spinning like a propeller before Mobile World Congress 2013, coming up sooner than you think! The iPhone Math has to be one of the most absurd of the collection, bringing with it a 4.8-inch display alongside the plastic iPhones tipped earlier this month. Sergey Brin has been riding the subway in NYC sporting Google Glass as we inch closer to the developer events in that city and down westward at the start of next month. BlackBerry will be bringing the heat with BlackBerry 10 at the end of this month as well, RIM changing the name now of App World to BlackBerry World in celebration it does seem.

The folks behind Memoto have delayed the life-logging camera but are adding in a digital compass for fun. Eric Schmidt and his daughter Sophie have been there and back again to nowhere less than North Korea. Real-life Mario Kart is being made real in a demonstration of RFID-tagged boosters throughout a real-deal course with go-carts – amazingly amazing! RIM’s own CEO has tipped the idea that they could sell their hardware devision after the launch of BlackBerry 10 – quite the pre-event note!

If you’ve not seen the HTC M7 in a set of supposedly real photographs, now’s your chance. If you’re living in the USA and love the PlayStation Store, you may be super gloriously happy to find that you can use PayPal there now as well as your cold hard cash. Intel is working non-stop at the moment to bring on technology that’ll hopefully help Stephen Hawking to continue to communicate as his body continues to deteriorate.

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The lovely beast known as the Alfa Romeo 4C will be coming to the USA next year – that’s 12 months or more from now, so get out your crying eyes. The folks at EA and GlassLab have announced a student-friendly title by the name of SimCityEDU. Those of you familiar with the way we currently understand human DNA to be structured will find a quadruple helix DNA in a human cell to be quite the announcement via scientists at Cambridge University.

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