EA and GlassLab announce SimCityEDU

Shane McGlaun - Jan 21, 2013
EA and GlassLab announce SimCityEDU

SimCity is a video game that allows you to build, run, and even destroy your very own city. One of the things I always liked about SimCity was building up your city and then setting loose monsters or other plagues on its inhabitants. A lot of schools are using video games to help kids learn while having fun.

When I was in school, the only games we had to play more things like Lemonade Stand or Oregon Trail. The good news is you won’t catch dysentery while playing SimCityEDU. EA and GlassLab have announced the development of an online educational community based on the award-winning SimCity game. SimCityEDU will serve as a resource for classroom teachers that have a strong interest in utilizing digital platforms to help kids learn.

The new classroom resource is intended to drive student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Using the classroom resource teachers will be able to create and share digital SimCity-based lesson plans to encourage students to think critically about issues facing modern cities. EA says that SimCity is the perfect place for students to learn urban planning, environmental management, and socio-economic development.

The SimCity video game is set to launch on March 5. The game will be available for PC and Mac gamers and allows players to build their own custom cities. The new version of SimCity also marks the first time in the franchise that a player’s decisions will have long-lasting repercussions extend beyond their city limits. Players will have to work together to address climate change, search for renewable resources, and combat natural disasters.

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