Apple rumored to launch 4.8-inch "iPhone Math" in June

We've seen no shortage of iPhone rumors lately, and the newest one comes to us today with a new and odd twist that may just sound completely farfetched. It's rumored that Apple will be releasing a 4.8-inch iPhone called the "iPhone Math" sometime in June. If you think that's about the dumbest name for an Apple product, you may not be too far off the mark.

According to the China Times and translated by BrightWire, it's said that the iPhone Math will supposedly launch in June, which would sound logical a couple years ago, but Apple hasn't done a June launch for the iPhone for a while now. It's always possible that the company could move back to that timeframe, but we may not see that for some time, if ever.

First of all, Apple has always been about making slow changes. After most Android devices had moved up to larger 4.5-inch-and-higher displays, Apple only slightly moved up to a 4-inch screen with the iPhone 5. Plus, they were adamant about not making the phone wider, but rather taller, so that users could still navigate the entire screen with their thumb. Moving up to a 4.8-inch display would result in a really tall phone that would be cumbersome to use.

The iPhone Math rumor arrives just after we heard that Apple is rumored to be outing a less-expensive iPhone model with a plastic body, as well as different colors. The company's Phil Schiller said that Apple will never make a cheap iPhone, but he never said anything about a less-expensive iPhone, so while we're still keeping our eyes and ears peeled, we're remaining suitably skeptical over these last few rumors.

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