SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 2, 2012

Good morning to all of you and get ready for some accusations on the part of the citizens of our free society! First there's the FBI, not Skype being blamed for Skype Megaupload video watching. Next it's not entirely clear who to blame for Sony's terrible Q3 2011 results. Then for a third and completely unrelated topic to round out the first high five of stories, has reported that Android users are to blame for their highest willingness to have sex category for the first date. Imagine that – you Android lover really are just that!

We're awaiting Russian scientists to enter Antarctica's largest subglacial lake. The PlayStation Network is down for maintenance today. Facebook has once again decided it's time to tweak its UI. There's an undeniable charm in the set of three colorways for the brand new Pentax K-01.

There's a strange event coming soon from Apple with an iPad 3 debut in March – so says sources. There's once again talk of a Facebook phone. Microsoft decides to roll out a Gmail Man and Google is none to thrilled about it. HTC is launching a White Sensation with ICS. Qualcomm and Ericsson team up to show off VoLTE to 3G switching without dropping calls. And just in time to get you going crazy in the afternoon, there's a brand new absolutely fake Samsung smartphone press photo out there pretending to be the Galaxy S III or the Galaxy S II+.