SlashGear Morning Wrap-Up: February 10, 2012

It seems almost certified at this point that Apple will be releasing and/or announcing their iPad 3 in the month of March, and the tips are flowing in. Early this morning we heard that showcase app makers for the iPad 3 were being chosen, and iPad twin-tier pricing has been suggested to topple all the Androids. Meanwhile Google is busy preparing a "next-gen personal communication device" while Iran blocks the internet.

Before noon we had two products already reviewed in full, one of them the Three Web Cube for transportable internet in a niche market, the other being the Motorola DROID 4 from Verizon. The DROID 4 is also on sale starting today across the nation. As far as the rest of the Android world goes, all eyes are on Samsung Galaxy S II for its Ice Cream Sandwich updates starting in March. Of course HTC's leaksters wouldn't want all the attention in one place, so they dropped a White Incredible with Ice Cream Sandwich right out of the box!

There's also an LG Mango device out there and Acer CloudMobile is the smartphone we never knew existed until it won an award across the sea – it'll have Ice Cream Sandwich too!

Diablo III has been postponed again (until Q2 2012) and water has been reported to be wet. The ultimately awesome Tesla vehicle known as the Model X has been revealed with a touchscreen dash interface and Falcon-Wing doors – CEO Elon Musk is also readying plans to offer his SpaceX program for IPO. WolframAlpha Pro is no longer Beta, entering into its real live full release for all you knowledge seekers. Finally, there is a Wolly Mammoth living in Siberia – or so a trickster with a camera claims.