SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: December 13th, 2012

It's nearly holiday time – and it IS holiday time for some, right here this week with SlashGear bringing on a brief interview with Dream JB for the jailbreaking of your iOS 6 devices – that Rick Roll rolled you good! The group known as Last.FM is about to go paid-only in the few countries it's not being cancelled entirely in. At Walmart you'll find the Kindle kicked out and the Nook family taking its place.

Over at Adobe's Lightroom 4.3 you'll find a massive HiDPI Retina update for your super high definition devices. The Hubble telescope has begun spotting ancient galaxies with a massively old set of photos – Ultra Deep Field! Google Maps for iOS has reached the number 1 download spot in less than 12 hours since its release. The folks at Sprint have offered up $2.1 billion bucks for Clearwire just so long as the Softbank deal goes through.

Those of you waiting for the Mercedes 2014 E-Class will have to wait no longer – here it is! The folks at have dumped smartphones worldwide as the Windows touch universe takes hold. The Vodafone Sure Signal 2 has shed a massive amount of bulk in favor of a 3D blackspot fill.

The Samsung Galaxy Note III has been tipped for 2013 with a massive 6.3-inch display – soon Samsung will catch em' all! There's a Google Magazine now in the UK. Up on the Saturn moon Titan, a "mini Nile" has been discovered. Google has made a move to take on all iOS mapping top to bottom with a release of their SDK – that's for developers wanting to use Google Maps data for their app – hot stuff!