Dream JB planned to release fake iOS 6 jailbreak earlier than December 22

Last night, the highly-anticipated untethered iOS 6 jailbreak that hundreds of thousands of people were waiting on turned out to be fake, with the jailbreak download files actually just linking to a Rick-rolling video on YouTube. Many notable iOS hackers knew it was all a hoax from the beginning, but there were certainly some excited users who thought that, just maybe, it was all real. We ended up getting a hold of Dream JB himself to hear what his thoughts were on what he called a "social experiment."

Dream says that the "entire series [of] events was planned from start to finish." He initially mentioned a December 22 release date for the jailbreak, but released it early on the 12th because he claimed he didn't want to wait any longer, and wanted to prove to the world that the supposed jailbreak was real. However, he actually planned to release it sooner than the 22nd all along, although he wasn't sure what day exactly.

He says that he "would not have been able to keep the community's attention" if he waited until the 22nd — the experiment was starting to "fall apart" and "professionals were starting to analyse everything." Dream notes that it was then time to release the fake jailbreak on the 12th, as he felt that he "would make the most impact on [his] viewers and followers."

Dream says that he created the social experiment "due to articles popping up on reputable jailbreak blogs and sources regarding a recent string of frauds and fakes. So many people are falling into fake jailbreak traps and getting scammed out of their money." He says he wanted to teach a valuable lesson to users and hackers alike, that you should only follow the reputable dev team members for jailbreak updates, and that other fakers out there in the world should be warned.

"Is what I did controversial? Absolutely. But in order to make a splash in the scene you have to be drastic. As more and more followed me on Twitter, the word of my "jailbreak" started to spread around some non reputable news sources, and slowly started to trickle into more reputable news sources."

He notes that his website received almost 700,000 unique visitors from the time his experiment started, to the time that he released the fake jailbreak. His Twitter account, which has since been deleted, got more than 20,000 followers in less than a week. Dream says that if he "can save even 10%" of those visitors and followers, he's happy with what he did. It was a "harsh lesson for many right now, but it will be appreciated further on down the line."

So when will a real untethered iOS 6 jailbreak arrive? According to reputable iOS hackers, don't count on one. Stefan Esser (better known as i0n1c) says that an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 isn't coming anytime soon. Even if an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak was discovered, Esser believes that the hacker will hold the exploits until Apple releases the iOS 6.1 firmware update.