SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: April 16, 2012

Happy Monday, everyone. You made it through yet another Monday. Now only four more days of doing the same thing over again and it'll be the weekend before you know it. Speaking of things you may not know about, HP's Z1 all-in-one workstation is now shipping. Not meaning to catch you off guard, YouTube is also in the news, with 600+ MGM movies being officially uploaded to the site. And also in the world of top news stories, there's a rumor that Apple will launch an 'iPad mini' for $249 – $300 later tis year.Featured: So there's been a lot of attention lately about HTC's new 'One' brand of smartphones. Are you curious about them? Then check out our HTC One V review. If that still doesn't show you what you want, here's an article that will give you the best side-by-side comparison you'll ever find on the Web: Samsung Galay S III vs HTC One series: the future war. Do we have a clear winner? Check out the article to find out.Google Drive, iPhone TV, & PureView: And in winding down the wrap-up of all things tech, here are a few stories that don't deserve to get lost in the cracks. First up, Google's cloud-based storage system is back in the news – Google Drive leaked 5GB cloud space for free. Moving right along to Apple stuff, iPad, iPhone TV streamer can now record TV. And finally, another big deal in the mobile space, Nokia 808 PureView official pricing revealed. So that's about it. We'll see you back here tomorrow.