Tim Wenger

Palisade, Colorado
Fort Lewis College
Remote Work, Outdoor Gear, Current Events
  • Tim's remote work tech stack took a major step forward with the launch of his podcast, No Blackout Dates, in 2020. He's since become an expert with hi-res webcams, localized audio recording, and working across multiple screens.
  • After more than a decade playing guitar in a wayward punk rock band, Tim has since 2010 parlayed his experience in the music industry into a gig writing for publications across tech, music, travel, and outdoor recreation.
  • His feature on #vanlife on the Navajo Nation won Silver in "Lifestyle, Personality and Profiles" at the 2020 NATJA Journalism Awards.


Tim Wenger is a journalist and author based in Colorado. He's filed work from four continents, frequently from remote locales not known for rapid WiFi, and often looking at the intersection of the remote work lifestyle, outdoor recreation, and the economy.


After finishing a BA in Communications from Fort Lewis College, Tim jumped into the back of a Ford Econoline and spent a few years playing guitar in dark bars while falling in love with adventure travel. He's been unable to rest his pen (or his feet) ever since.
Stories By Tim Wenger