Apple Event today: Our most far-fetched expectations

This morning we're looking at what to expect from Apple's One More Thing event later today. The Apple Silicon Macs are almost certainly set to be the main attraction today, complete with ever-so-slight redesigns of hardware and big changes to the capabilities of the software and processing therein. But what else might Apple show? What other products might've been hidden so exceedingly well by Apple that we've barely seen them reported as leaks in the recent past?

The recent leak of three tags gave us a pretty good indication of what to expect at this event. Three MacBook devices – or at least one in three iterations – with Apple Silicon inside.

Information from that leak works pretty well with the leaked roadmap which suggested three new MacBook models. That leak suggested there'd be one 13-inch MacBook Air and two MacBook Pro models. One MacBook Pro would have a 13-inch display, the other would have a 16-inch display.

An event with no Apple Silicon

There's a tip about a 16-inch MacBook Pro 2020 refresh that might not be entirely inaccurate. The part that's not likely is the appearance of this MacBook Pro all on its own. Don't panic if Apple reveals a MacBook without Apple-designed silicon inside – it'll most likely be just the first part of the presentation, if it exists at all.

A new Apple TV

As we discussed before the iPhone event, Apple's been taking its time with a new Apple TV. Not that they really need a new device right now, but it probably wont be long before Apple reveals an Apple TV with features like the ability to deliver content at a higher framerate for higher-definition television sets.

All in on AirTags

Apple is probably working on AirTags as noted several times. It's highly unlikely that we'll see any major focus on AirTags at this event, if we see AirTags at all.

The most massive redesign

A bit of a conceptual work of industrial design was presented earlier this month with an eye on the Apple Silicon MacBook. There, the folks at Zone of Tech made a machine that's a cross between an iPad Pro and a MacBook Air, a machine that looks the part of a MacBook capable of running iOS apps natively.

It's far more likely that Apple will reveal a set of MacBook machines that look almost entirely like the otherwise most-recent MacBook lineup. The focus will very, very likely be almost entirely on the Apple-designed chips inside instead.

An even smaller iPhone 12 Mini

The most off-the-wall concept design for an iPhone we've seen this year came in October of 2020. The designer Ruslanlatypov imagined that the iPhone 12 Mini could be smaller than Apple likely ever imagined. This device would be smaller than the original iPhone – smaller than iPhone 4 – as small as the most recent PALM phone!

Can you imagine such a cutie? Chances are the (just launched) iPhone 12 Mini will represent the smallest iPhone device for the foreseeable future. There's no urgent need for anything more tiny.

Realistically and Most Likely

If you'd like a full rundown of what's most likely to appear at Apple's big event, take a peek at what we've discussed back at the start of this month. The SlashGear Apple Event "One More Thing" "what to expect" rundown appeared on November 2nd, and hasn't changed significantly (realistically, anyway) since then. Stay tuned! The Apple event today (November 10, 2020) starts at 10AM Pacific Time, 12 NOON Central Time, 1PM Eastern Time!