Apple Event "One More Thing" confirmed for November 10 - What to expect

Apple will hold another event, the company has announced, sending out invites for a "One More Thing" unveil on November 10, 2020. As with previous events this year, such as WWDC 2020 over the summer and the iPhone 12 family reveal just last week, this new Apple event will be held entirely online and streamed rather than in-person.

As for what's on the agenda, we're expecting to see news on what's arguably Apple's biggest, and most exciting, project of the decade: Apple Silicon. The news that the Cupertino firm was planning to transition away from Intel's x86 based processors in its Mac family was confirmed back at WWDC, along with an aggressive timeline for that to take place.

The first Apple Silicon Mac models would be unveiled before the end of 2020, Apple's Tim Cook said at the time. That would begin a rapid transformation which would see all new Mac models transition to its chipsets within two years time. While there'd still be a couple of Intel-based computer launches still to come, they'd be the exception not the rule, and developers were advised to get ready for the big switch-over.

It's no small challenge. Apple has demonstrated already that it can develop some seriously impressive chipsets, using ARM's cores for its Apple A-series processors found in the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. The expectation had long been that it would look to do the same with its Mac range, a first step to which was adding macOS support for iOS apps.

Still, transitioning developers of full Mac apps over to Arm chipset is going to be a tricky path to follow. The expectation is that Apple will begin that process with a new Apple Silicon MacBook, potentially rebooting the ill-fated 12-inch MacBook with Retina display. That fanless ultraportable – more expensive than the MacBook Air, but still with its cohort of enthusiast users – was discontinued, but could be an ideal platform to demonstrate the battery and performance capabilities of Apple's homegrown chips.

Beyond that, meanwhile, there's chatter of an Apple Silicon iMac, giving a long-awaited refresh to the company's all-in-one desktop. For the moment they'll live alongside Apple's Intel-based range, but gradually we're expecting to see more and more potent options as the old hardware is squeezed out and Apple takes more of a decisive hand in the future of its own chips.

The Apple event will kick off at 10am PT on November 10, or 1pm ET. It'll be livestreamed in the usual place, from Apple's event page as well as on YouTube, and we'll have all the information as it's announced.