Apple Silicon roadmap leak tips 12" MacBook reboot and 2021 iMac

The first MacBook powered by Apple silicon will arrive later this year, at least according to industry insiders, and it'll reportedly be sporting a 12-inch Retina display. The insiders go on to claim that Apple will release the first iMac system sporting its own silicon next year, as well, and that this alleged model may also feature Apple's own GPU hardware.

The claims come from The China Times, which cites supply chain insiders as the source of the information. Assuming the report is true, Apple may release a new MacBook with a 12-inch Retina display sometime this year, one powered by the company's own A14X processor. Apple announced earlier this summer that it will be transitioning from Intel's hardware to its own silicon chips.

This tipped 12-inch MacBook model is reportedly attached to the codename 'Tonga,' one that will — again, allegedly — feature between 15 and 20 hours of battery life, as well as USB-C connectivity and an ultraportable design weighing fewer than 2.2lbs.

The report goes on to claim that Apple's A14X processor has been finalized and that TSMC will mass-produce the hardware using its 5-nanometer process before the end of 2020, potentially filling any void that may remain when it stops making Huawei's mobile processors next month. The company hasn't commented on these claims, however.

In addition to the Apple silicon-powered MacBook allegedly arriving later this year, the report claims that Apple is gearing up to release new iMac desktop computers in 2021 that will feature both CPUs and GPUs designed by Apple, a move that would underscore its gravitation away from third-party companies. The insiders allege that the Apple-designed GPUs will provide more power and better performance per watt than current offerings.