Apple's AirTags coming "soon" to connect with iPhone 12

The next significant Apple product may be released by the end of the year, just in time for the holidays. The product called AirTag, designed by Apple with Bluetooth LE and Ultra-Wide band radio for item location and retrieval. The AirTag system's been rumored for some time – now might be the perfect time to turn this Find My app into a "Find My everything" type situation.

Apple's AirTag system will likely launch at the same time as the ARM MacBook devices that'll likely appear before the end of the year. That'll allow users to have a full collection of big-name products for the 2020 gift-giving season, with products anywhere from under $100 all the way to a couple thousand USD.

The latest blip on the radar for AirTags comes from the leaker called @L0vetodream. This leaker suggested that the Apple AirTag system will include both a small AirTag and a large AirTag, presumably one for tiny items, the other for items that might need to be away from wireless power for a longer period of time.

The AirTag as rumored in the past is little more than a puck. The device would likely have an Apple logo on it – and not much else. The device (in one iteration) likely has a size that's smaller than the palm of your hand, but bigger than a silver dollar coin.

Another tip this week from a source with knowledge on the subject who wishes to remain anonymous suggests that AirTag may work with MagSafe, the magnet and charging solution included with all new iPhone 12 devices. With MagSafe, AirTag could be charged, kept attached to an iPhone with ease, and communicate instantly with NFC to connect via Bluetooth and Ultra-Wide Band systems.

The rumored size of the AirTag device seems like it'd be far too close to the size of the MagSafe system included with iPhone 12 to be a coincidence. The potential here is surprising and delighting. It'd be like magic – which makes the whole situation seem all the more likely.