10 Best Cameras For YouTube Creators In 2023

Content creators come in a multitude of varieties with an endless array of topics and subject material. There is an unlimited array of video content available in our homes and on the go covering subject material catering to the tastes of any individual. No matter how specific and narrow the topic and how small a group to which it caters, videos on YouTube probably exist.

The proliferation of content on YouTube and the variety available is linked to the platform's practice of letting creators share in the advertising profits. With the ability to earn money from creating and posting videos, the incentive to join the website and make popular videos is strong. But, before the YouTube gravy train can get rolling, one must record a video. The equipment used to make content has a huge impact on the quality of the video and the potential for gaining views. Also, the style of recording and the subject matter will dictate what camera is best for your particular needs, but there are companies that offer something for everyone. Therefore, here are the 10 best cameras covering a wide range of needs for YouTube content creators in 2023.

iPhone 14/Samsung Galaxy S23

When cameras were first integrated into mobile phones, they were fantastic novelties to have in our pockets. But the quality of those cameras was very poor and the resolution was not suited to anything more than documenting a memory. Today, our phones have amazing technology packed inside and the cameras to create amazingly sharp and detailed images.

Any top-tier smartphone will have the capability of capturing a video of high enough quality to use on YouTube. The iPhone 14, for example, offers the capability to record 4K videos and up to 60 frames per send (fps). It also supports slow motion, time-lapse, and HDR recording. Apple also recently introduced ProRes, an Apple software that optimizes video and is useful for people who use Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X editing software. The newest Samsung Galaxy S23 camera offers a resolution of 200MP with an ultra-wide angle lens and up to 30x zoom. It is a highly versatile camera capable of creating high-quality videos perfect for YouTube.

The benefit of using these phones as content cameras is that people can start with what they already have. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment before uploading your first video. If the content is good, then your smartphone should be perfectly acceptable to get going, and the expensive equipment can come later as the project matures.

GoPro Hero 11 Black

YouTube hosts a huge number of channels dedicated to action and adventure types. From BMX racing to parasailing, you will find an endless stream of videos documenting exploits of the extreme physical activity that humans engage in. For these creators, a camera that can keep up and capture all the action while avoiding being bulky and fragile is paramount, and that is where the GoPro Hero 11 Black comes in.

GoPro has long been the standard bearer for action cameras, and its products have continued to be the top choice for action videography throughout the company's existence. Advantages of using a GoPro for outdoor action shots include the wide-angle lenses that capture as much of the scenery as possible as well as the long battery life. Video shot with the newest Hero 11 Black can be captured in up to 5.3K at 60 fps or, for slow motion, 2.7K at 240 fps. Wired reports that the battery life on this model has been upgraded, extending its time by 38%, meaning high-resolution videos of more than an hour can be done on a single charge. The built-in mount also makes it great for attaching to cars, helmets, ultra-lights, and snowmobiles just to name a few of the unlimited applications possible.

Anyone involved in shooting video of sports, rock climbing, sailing, or flying powered parachutes will do well to pick up a GoPro. However, many creators use them as stationary cameras when a wide-area shot is needed.

Canon 1DX Mk III

For still photography, the DSLR camera is the current gold standard. It is the modern digital version of the single-lens reflex camera that dominated film photography at one time and offers premier optics with the ability to use a variety of interchangeable lenses. The digital version swaps a photo sensor for the film, but the rest of it is mostly the same.

To capture the clearest and most crisp still photography possible, a Canon EOS-1DX Mk III is hard to beat. It is packed with the latest features and capabilities that any professional photographer would want to have whether in the studio or in the field. However, YouTube creators have little need for the best photographs, save for those creating content on photography itself. However, the 1DX Mk III can also record video through the same optics that make its pictures so good. It is important to note that recording time is limited to 29 minutes and 59 seconds. This prevents it from being classified as a camcorder that is subject to a higher import tax. With most creators, videos are spliced and jump-cuts are used to string everything together.

The DSLR camera is versatile in a way other cameras cannot duplicate and the interchangeable lenses offer flexibility to shoot a variety of scenes with the same camera throughout.

2K Ultra Spy Pen Camera

As previously noted, YouTube creators make videos for a variety of purposes. Sometimes, a bit of covert filming is required and a hidden camera is in order. To be clear, some people can use a hidden camera for nefarious and possibly illegal purposes, but plenty of legitimate reasons remain. Prank videos are a time hidden cameras are needed as well as investigative journalism. Others can be done to capture certain shopping experiences without drawing attention. Whatever the case may be, as long as no laws are broken, you may want to use a 2K Ultra Spy Pen.

Many versions of this kind of camera can be found and none of them are from major brand producers. Regardless, they can be of relatively good quality and produce acceptable results, such as this one. It looks exactly like any ordinary pen and it has a real ballpoint cartridge, so it writes like any other. The video is captured in 1080p and comes out remarkably clear considering just how small the whole device is. It remains completely covert and, although it does not have image stabilization, the picture tends not to be too shaky as long as your body movement is not overly erratic. It would be a good idea to get a separate audio recording as the built-in microphone is admittedly terrible. But, for a specific kind of video recording, this could be a perfect choice.

Canon G7 X Mark III

For creators looking for a high-quality yet affordable camera built from the start to optimize video creation, the Canon G7 X Mark III is a great option. This one offers a 20.1 MP CMOS photo sensor with 4.2x optical zoom and records in 4K video. Canon has clearly released this with the YouTube creator in mind as it features a seamless live streaming ability built-in, but the caveat is that it only works with YouTube if you meet the minimum qualifications and have a Canon.com account.

Not only is the G7 X Mk III geared toward YouTube creators, but it also packs many features to make video recording easy and accessible. It has Bluetooth and WiFi built-in for seamless file transfer and can also use a paired smartphone as a remote control. The 3.5mm microphone jack also allows a high-grade microphone to be used. The rise of YouTube Shorts has created a demand for cameras that can record in a vertical layout and this camera comes with Vertical Video, a feature meant to help the user record in multiple formats to give complete control. At $699, its price rests a bit above most entry-level cameras, but well below that of a professional rig and is probably a good choice for those with an established channel, on their way to receiving the coveted Silver Creator Award.

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K

Most consumer cameras that can be bought off the shelf without spending an inordinate amount of money should work well for creating YouTube videos. However, some creators need to record in the highest resolution possible, and that is where the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K comes in.

This Blackmagic camera runs $2,495 but it loads many impressive features in a fairly compact package. Calling this camera Pocket Cinema is apt as it offers a wide range of features giving users the ability to shoot remarkably high-quality videos, although it is doubtful it would fit into many pockets. While this camera looks much like most modern DSLR models, it is not. It's made for video shoots. Highlights include its ability to shoot in 6K at 50 fps, a large 5.5-inch LCD screen, full-size HDMI port, and dual mini xlr inputs, allowing you to record two audio sources at the same time onto a single shot. Battery life suffers from having this much video processing power, but a locking 12-volt power supply can keep it going for longer sessions.

It is worth checking out SlashGear's full review to get the full details on this camera, as it offers a lot and could be the perfect choice for some creators. It is probably the right choice for those who need video shot with vivid detail and have the resources to spend a few thousand dollars on equipment without stepping up to complete professional-grade cameras.

GoPro Max

The GoPro Max fills a different niche than the company's other cameras with its ability to capture video in 360 degrees. This is not a camera to be used for everyday recording but it's perfect for the right scenario. The most common scenes you might see captured with the GoPro Max include activities like kayaking or mountain bike rides through the woods. When edited into a longer video with a variety of shots, the Max delivers a unique quality that can complete a video.

To capture 360 video, the Max has a 180-degree camera on both sides with a small touch screen only on one. Each lens captures video in 1080p (16:9) or 1440p (4:3) with a 180-degree field of view via an ultra-wide angle. GoPro also includes excellent stabilization that allows the camera to record a stroll through Central Park on a bicycle and remove all the shaking and bumps that would normally be present.

A prior version of this camera required the two videos to be stitched together during editing, but GoPro has updated this process such that it is all handled seamlessly by the camera itself. Battery life is one of its shortcomings, but any serious content creator wanting to use this sort of camera should buy one or two extras for a whole day of shooting. At $499, it's not cheap, so you will want to make sure it will benefit your style before picking this one up.

Boblov PD70

The introduction of body-worn cameras has impacted law enforcement dramatically, providing recorded evidence of police interactions with suspects and the public. However, the benefits extend beyond the police. Content creators who use interactions from their work to create videos, such as the interactions captured while working as a tow truck driver, can seamlessly film natural interactions. These are the types of videos where the best quality video is not necessary, but a first-person view is essential.

The Boblov PD70 looks much like the cameras we might see worn by law enforcement professionals. It records 1296p videos at 30fps with a 170-degree lens. On-board storage is 32 GB with an option for 64 GB. Night vision is standard and automatically switches in low light, returning when back in brighter conditions. One of the most convenient features is that it comes with an additional battery that can be charged on a base simultaneously with the camera itself. The rest of its features are rather standard but allow the wearer to capture interactions between themselves and their surroundings. On the right person, that can make for some interesting viral content.

Logitech Mevo Start

Among the most successful creators on YouTube are those who began their channels by live-streaming video games. This kind of content has completely different requirements from staged or scripted video and the cameras can get by with few features.

Long-time technology giant Logitech is known for its webcams that have rested atop monitors for decades and it now offers the Mevo Start for streamers. Broadcasting live feed videos is the purpose of this device, which offers 1080p video and a battery that lasts up to six hours. The camera is small and basic but with a good onboard microphone, although it has a 3.5 mm plug if a better one is desired. But fantastic video quality and high framerate are not the forte of this particular device, rather, it is streaming. The Mevo Start is meant to be used in multiples, and Logitech even sells them in a pack of three for $999. The idea is that a streamer can get multiple views, such as one on the face and another on the keyboard, and seamlessly switch between them without complex setups and niche software. Logitech has it all set right out of the box.

Any serious streamer with a complex setup would do well to pick up a set of these right away. The accompanying software should turn sessions into a flawlessly executed streaming experience.

Blackvue DR900X

One of the largest niche categories of YouTube channels is centered on the automobile. Videos about cars and trucks are common on YouTube and the website derives billions of views from gearheads and petrolheads each year. Many of these videos are shot just like any other with camcorders and GoPros set up in and around studios and even attached to cars engaged in a variety of activities. But some of these creators want to capture the action on the track or trail and a good dash cam is in order for these videos.

To get the best footage past the checkered flag, racers might want to use the Blackvue DR900-2CH. It is a premium dash cam with video feeds from cameras facing front and rear. It captures 4K UHD video at 30 fps with a 162-degree viewing angle from the front camera with the rear camera doing full HD 1080p at 30 fps. Storage is handled by MicroSD of up to 256GB, but with an optional adapter and a hard-wired installation, cloud-based storage is possible with the camera automatically saving all laps wirelessly. With the lack of a screen, pairing a smartphone gives the ability to make adjustments, but keeps the installation discreet. At $449, this dashcam is pricey, but if you are serious about getting track days uploaded to your channel, it's a smart choice.