This Tesla Supercar Is The Future Of Electric Cars We Want Elon Musk To Build

We admit, Tesla is taking too long to unveil the much-awaited production variant of its next-gen Tesla Roadster. But if the American EV maker delivers as promised, the Tesla Roadster 2.0 will seem like a literal rocket ship — no, make that a land-bound cruise missile. First unveiled in 2017, the new Tesla Roadster made an unforgettable debut with three electric motors, an all-wheel grip, and zero to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds. Moreover, it soared with a 250 mph top speed and achieved 620 miles of range (per Tesla).

Tesla and its enigmatic CEO Elon Musk initially said production for the new Roadster would begin in late 2021. Still, Musk pushed the deadline to late 2022 after finalizing the engineering specs earlier in the year. The delay is causing mild panic and anxiety among early adopters and enthusiasts for what would conceivably be the quickest-accelerating production car. And it's why creatives, freelance designers, and car lovers are coming up with their interpretations of Tesla Roadster 2.0. One, in particular, caught our discerning eyes.

Tesla Precept Concept: Hyper EV of the future

British concept artist Khyzyl Saleem took to Instagram and Facebook to reveal the Tesla Precept Concept, a Tesla supercar/hypercar in the eyes of an under-30 designer. More than just a flight of fancy, the design was Saleem's final submission for his Meguiar's art piece dubbed "Electrifying 2020," and it looks brilliant.

Saleem took influence from modern hypercars like the Czinger 21C, Rimac Nevera, Lotus Evija, and the Porsche Mission R concept to finalize his creation. But in our eyes, the Tesla Precept more closely resembles the offspring of a first-gen Tesla Roadster and a McLaren supercar, particularly a 765LT. The front clip is a bit off with its intricate hood design, and the Tesla "mustache" grille looks like an afterthought, but the rear is not too bad. We fancy the recessed taillight and wing spoiler design, and that swooping design on the diffuser is fascinating.

The artist claims the design is a "super early and kinda rough version" that, given more time, would have been something more unique. Tesla's incoming Roadster is not a bad-looking car, but the Precept Concept proves what could have been if Tesla designers had taken a swill of scotch before buttoning down for work.