Here's What An Original Tesla Roadster Is Worth Today

Long before the Tesla Model S became one of the most popular electric vehicles around, putting Tesla on the map, the brand made a Tesla Roadster. As a relatively early mass market EV, the car was pretty revolutionary. It had a fairly usable range of 244 miles and was pretty quick, going zero-to-60 in just 3.7 seconds according to Tesla. On the outside, it was very closely based on the Lotus Elise. 

At an MSRP of $109,000, the Roadster wasn't for everyone, but it proved that EVs had come a long way since the days of the GM EV1. Electric cars were capable of being fast and fun. In 2018, Elon Musk spearheaded a SpaceX mission to strap a Tesla Roadster to a Falcon Heavy rocket and launch it into space. Needless to say, the Tesla Roadster has had a serious impact on the world of EVs. Now all fans have to wait for is the next generation of Tesla Roadster, expected to boast some truly wild specifications. However, if the Tesla Cybertruck is any indication, fans might have to wait a little while.

Not like other EVs

Over the Roadster's production cycle, Tesla made just 2,500 before selling out completely in 2012 to focus on the then new Tesla Model S and upcoming Model X. In the past, EVs in general haven't held value well, and the limited lifespan of batteries can have a serious impact on a long-term return. Just look at any Nissan Leaf's resale value. Still, the Roadster's relatively limited production run and six-figure price tag ensures that surviving Roadsters retain much of their original value. Having the word "Tesla" in the name doesn't hurt much, either.

Tesla Roadsters enjoy healthy auction results. In September, a green 2008 Roadster went for $102,200 on Bring a Trailer. Examples from the first 100 models produced have the tendency to break the bank. One such "Signature 100" model (number 71 to be exact) broke $212,000 when it crossed the auction block in May. Overall, most Roadsters tend to sell around the high five-figure and low six-figure mark. That's not bad at all for an electric Lotus.