Vin Diesel's Car Collection Is Truly Incredible

On the big screen, Vin Diesel is most famous for playing criminal-turned-racer Dominic Toretto in the hit "Fast & Furious" movie franchise. Born in California and raised in New York, Diesel's childhood had little in common with his on-screen character, apart from one thing: his penchant for getting into trouble. When he was just seven years old, Diesel reportedly got caught breaking into the local theater, but rather than report him, the theater's director gave him a chance. According to Diesel, she said, "If you guys want to play here, come every day at four o'clock and learn your lines" (via CNN).

From there, Diesel quickly developed a talent for acting, eventually starring in a number of small films including "Multi-Facial," which ended up being shown at the Cannes Film Festival. It was there that Diesel caught the eye of Steven Spielberg, who offered him a role in his upcoming movie, "Saving Private Ryan." Since then, he's starred in a number of big-budget blockbusters, including "The Fast & The Furious," the 2001 movie that kick-started the now-iconic franchise. He's starred in every "Fast & Furious" film since, netting himself millions of dollars in the process.

What is Vin Diesel's net worth?

Vin Diesel is one of the highest-paid celebrities in Hollywood, with Forbes estimating he earned $54 million in 2020. His income is primarily from his acting roles, but also he's more of a business magnate than many people might expect. Diesel reportedly owns a video game company, the rights to the "xXx" franchise (which he also starred in), and as of 2020, has released a handful of singles made in collaboration with EDM musician Kygo. It's fair to say that he's keen on keeping himself busy even when he's not filming for the big screen, but all those side ventures have considerably boosted his overall net worth.

Diesel is generally quite private when it comes to his personal wealth, but most estimates put his net worth somewhere around the $225 million mark (via Celebrity Net Worth). This makes sense given his high yearly income, his businesses, and his properties, both in America and abroad (via Parade). In addition, he's also reported to own a sizable car collection, although very little is known about how many cars he owns overall. However, even the dozen or so cars that Diesel has been confirmed to own are enough to turn most petrolheads green with envy.

Chevrolet Chevelle SS '70

Vin Diesel's self-professed favorite car is a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS, which featured in the last scene of the original "Fast & Furious" movie, 2001's The Fast & the Furious" (via autoevolution). With its huge 454-cubic-inch (7.5-liter) V8 engine, the Chevelle SS was advertised as producing 450 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque in its stock form. Its 0-60 mph time stood at a fraction over 5 seconds, making it one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world upon its release, according to Auto Express.

In an interview, Diesel jokingly claimed to have stolen his Chevelle SS from the set of one of the films, calling it one of his "perks." A different Chevelle SS, used in the filming of "Fast & Furious 4," was put up for auction in 2020 at a specialist dealer in Australia, and sold for over $100,000 Australian dollars (via Yahoo! Finance). It's very likely that a Vin Diesel-owned example would sell for even more if the actor ever wanted to auction off his collection, but given that the Chevelle SS is his favorite, that seems very unlikely to happen.

Mazda RX-7

Few Japanese cars are quite as iconic as the Mazda RX-7, which became a hit with tuners and street racers across the globe after the FD generation car debuted in 1993 (via MotorTrend). The car's unique rotary engine ensured it had an exhaust note that was unlike anything else on the market, and its innovative twin-turbo setup meant there was virtually zero turbo lag. When it was launched in America, it caused a stir, winning MotorTrend's "Import Car of the Year" award in 1993. This was backed up by an initial surge of buyer interest, but that interest quickly faded in the years following the car's reveal.

By 1995, the weak economy combined with the RX-7's high MSRP had put buyers off entirely, and it was axed in the U.S, according to MotorTrend. The car continued to be sold in Japan until 2002, and was eventually replaced by the RX-8, which never enjoyed the same level of popularity. Diesel's RX-7 is reportedly a rare 2x2 hatchback model (via GQ).

Dodge Charger '70 Tantrum

A classic Dodge Charger is already a highly desirable collector's car, but Vin Diesel's isn't any old Charger. It was gifted to him for his 52nd birthday by the production crew of "Fast & Furious 9," and it was custom-built by SpeedKore Performance with a twin-turbo, 9.0-liter Mercury Marine Racing engine under the hood. It's capable of churning out 1,650 horsepower, yet it features a six-speed manual transmission (via Carscoops). Calling it a tire shredder would be an understatement.

The body panels are made from carbon fiber, and inside, the Charger's stock interior has been replaced with luxurious leather seats and Alcantara trim. In fact, very little is carried over from the original '70 Charger, with most parts custom-built by SpeedKore. Diesel's emotional reaction to the gift was caught on camera, with the actor looking to the sky and sending a message to his late friend and co-star, Paul Walker: "You see this, Pablo? We hope to make you proud, Pablo."

BMW M5 E60

Much of Diesel's collection is composed of muscle cars or Japanese tuner icons, but it turns out the actor is also a fan of German super sedans (via GQ). The E60 generation BMW M5 featured a naturally aspirated S85 V10 engine that made 500 horsepower and propelled the car from 0-62 mph in just 4.7 seconds, making it one of the quickest four-door vehicles of its time (via Ultimate Specs). It might have been rapid, but it also kept the family-friendly practicality that made the regular 5 Series a bestseller, including a spacious trunk and room to seat five adults.

It's been characterized as a flop by some due to the reliability issues its engine suffered, with rod bearing failure being a frequent complaint on BMW discussion boards. However, even with those issues, the E60 M5 was still an excellent choice for drivers who wanted a proper performance car that could also do duty as a family hauler. Well, as long as they didn't mind the odd expensive repair bill here and there.

Plymouth Road Runner '70

The Plymouth Road Runner is one of the most commonly-seen cars in the "Fast & Furious" franchise, usually being driven by Vin Diesel's character Dominic Toretto. It turns out he's as big a fan of the car in real life as he is in the movies, with a '70 model in his personal collection (via Motorious). The car has been described as a "no-nonsense muscle car," with an emphasis on keeping things simple and focusing on pure performance at an affordable price. The 1970 model year car was largely unchanged since the Road Runner's introduction in 1968, with a V8 engine that produced 335 horsepower (via Hemmings).

It would turn out to be one of the last old-school muscle cars to be introduced before the oil crisis of the early '70s meant that consumer focus shifted to smaller, more economical vehicles. A total of 41,484 Road Runners were sold through the 1970 model year, but that figure dropped to just 14,218 in 1971 when the second generation of the car was introduced. The high sales of the 1970 Road Runner means that there are still plenty of them on the road today. It's a good job they're not too rare, as the "Fast & Furious" franchise reportedly totaled several during filming (via Mecum Auctions).

Toyota Supra

A Japanese icon that was popularized in part by the "Fast & Furious" franchise, the MkIV Toyota Supra has rapidly become one of the most collectible (and expensive) cars of its era. The price record for mint-condition examples seems to keep increasing with every auction sale, and at the time of writing, it stands at $265,000 for a non-movie car. However, the record for the most expensive Supra ever is held by one of the stunt cars used by Paul Walker to film "The Fast & The Furious," the first installment in the now-veteran franchise. It sold for $550,000 in 2021, at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas (via Top Gear).

Much like his friend and co-star Walker, Vin Diesel also has an affinity for the Supra, and reportedly has one sitting in his garage (via GQ). He's claimed in interviews that Universal Pictures has previously offered him stunt cars used in the filming of "Fast & Furious" movies, but it's not clear whether his personal Supra is one that was used on set, or just something he bought of his own accord (via autoevolution). If it's the former, it would probably be within a chance of breaking the all-time sales record for the model if he put it up for auction.

Pontiac Bonneville '66

In 1966, the muscle car craze was in full swing, and manufacturers were competing with each other to see who could build the biggest, most outlandish land yacht. The Pontiac Bonneville was a strong contender for the crown, being the biggest offering from GM's performance-oriented division. Much like the '65 model, the '66 featured a 389-cubic-inch V-8 engine that made 333 horsepower and was mated to either a four-speed manual, or three-speed automatic transmission (via Hagerty).

It's also one of the longest Pontiacs ever built, clocking in at a little over 19 feet long. With a curb weight of roughly 2.5 tons, it wasn't going to win any awards for agility, but it didn't need to. It was a car built to be imposing, and its allure has continued to make it a collectible classic today. One of those owners is reportedly Diesel, although virtually nothing is known about the specifics of his personal vehicle (via GQ).

Land Rover Range Rover

It might not be the fastest or rarest car in his collection, but for driving his kids around and doing the grocery run, Diesel relies on a fairly unremarkable Range Rover (via autoevolution). The British SUV has built up a rock-solid reputation for high build quality and excellent driving dynamics over the years, although the same can't be said about its reputation for reliability. Even so, it has remained the car of choice for celebrities around the world, with even the late Queen Elizabeth choosing to drive one on her private estate.

If it was good enough for Her Majesty, it's no surprise that it's good enough for Diesel. The actor has remained tight-lipped on the exact specs of his Range Rover, so it's unclear whether he drives a base-spec 3.0-liter diesel (which would, in this case, be very fitting), or whether he chose a higher-spec V8 gasoline-powered model like the Supercharged LWB. SlashGear's own Chris Davies described the Supercharged LWB as "SUV royalty," and with 518 horsepower on tap, it's more on par with the many other powerful vehicles in Diesel's collection.

Dodge Charger Daytona '69

The Dodge Charger Daytona is one of the most revered muscle cars of its era, and it made a brief appearance in "Fast & Furious 6." Diesel reportedly owns one in real life, and it's one of the most valuable vehicles in his collection (via Motorious). The Daytona shot to fame for being exceptionally fast in NASCAR, winning six races outright between 1969 and 1970. Seeing its success, NASCAR quickly moved to ban features like nose cones and oversized rear wings, bringing an abrupt end to the Daytona's competition career (via MotorTrend).

However, this also meant that only 503 examples were ever built, and surviving examples are highly coveted among collectors. The auction record for the most expensive Daytona stands at $1.32 million, but it's thought that prices for the car could go even higher in the future. It's not known how much Diesel paid for his, or its exact specs, but it's unlikely he'd lose money on his investment if he ever did decide to part with his Daytona down the line.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Despite its roots as a humble delivery van, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has become a sleeper hit among celebrities, with high-profile owners ranging from Justin Bieber to Will Smith. Diesel's Sprinter wasn't originally his at all. In fact, it was kitted out by his friend and co-star, Tyrese Gibson. It's far from standard, as Gibson explained in a video that he wanted a Rolls-Royce in van form, and since the British automaker wasn't too keen on making one for him, he thought he'd build it himself. The finished product was converted by an aftermarket company called VanMasters, and it features a Spirit of Ecstasy on the front in honor of its biggest inspiration.

Perhaps "inspiration" is too lenient of a word, as the amount of monogrammed Rolls-Royce logos present in the interior would have many people think that Gibson was trying to pass the van off as an official RR-branded product. Potential copyright infringement aside, the van is a very lavish affair, with maroon and gold upholstery, a fridge, and a huge TV, according to GQ. Gibson gave Diesel the van as a gift for his birthday, with Diesel's expletive-filled reaction caught on camera by his publicity-loving friend.