Verizon HTC One hits August 1st: too late?

It's just a few weeks away: the Verizon HTC One, the smartphone introduced in February and out on carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile in the months that came soon after. Now the Verizon version of the device is headed to market and it would appear – not confirmed 100%, but just as well – that the HTC One will be appearing on big red on the first of August. Will it have been worth the wait, or will it be too late to care?

This device will still come with a 4.7-inch display with the highest pixels-per-inch resolution on the market at 441. That's 1080p across the slightly-smaller-than-Samsung Galaxy S 4's display which rings in at 5-inches. With the same amount of pixels in a smaller area, the HTC One will beat the Galaxy S 4 even though the Samsung device has ben with the carrier for weeks. And the two are doing battle in their Google Play editions, as well.

NOTE: Be sure to check SlashGear's Verizon HTC One Civil War post for comparisons to the rest of the carrier's current smartphone lineup.

So you've got the HTC One with its UltraPixel camera on its back, its also-impressive 2 megapixel camera on its front, and Verizon under the hood. You've got the full HTC Sense experience here as you've seen with the original HTC One as well as the HTC One AT&T edition. The AT&T version will give you a bit better an idea of what's in store for carrier-added apps, too, red instead of blue.

Verizon did not hesitate on this release. Thought it may seem like they only decided to carry the HTC One once the first reviews were in, the DROID DNA still sits with the carrier having nearly run its full life with Verizon per the carrier's preference in keeping a certain amount of months between releases of a device with the same manufacturer. This means that if Samsung released a Samsung Galaxy S4 "Slightly Better Edition" this week, Verizon still wouldn't carry the phone until the first Galaxy S 4 had run its course.

While it's not the same case for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note III, you'll find the number of months between the release of the last Samsung Galaxy Note and this year's edition to be more than abundant. The Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy S 4 also have a key differentiator that the HTC One and the DROID DNA do not: a digital stylus by the name of S-Pen.

So here we are, more than five months since HTC announced the HTC One, and Verizon will carry the device with its own brand of 4G LTE. Will you pick it up? Or have you moved on?