Verizon HTC One official: coming "later this summer"

This morning the folks at Verizon made the HTC One official for their 4G LTE network in the United States, ending weeks of rumors and tips aimed at the point. This device will work with the same specifications as it had on other carriers in the United States and internationally, carrying the HTC One hero name as it does so. At the moment, Verizon has only specified that the HTC One will be coming later this summer.

This announcement by version has been made in an unceremoniously small manner. While earlier this year it'd been made clear that Verizon's release of the HTC One would be "a big deal", here it would appear that it's been given the silent move treatment. Regardless, this version of the HTC One will be delivered with essentially the same treatment as it's been given with AT&T, here ushered in with Verizon apps and microSIM connectivity to Verizon's network.

The Verizon HTC One saw Bluetooth certification this morning as well, all but promising it for the carrier in the process. Now we've only to see when the HTC One launches with the largest mobile network in the USA and if it'll beat the release of the HTC One Google Edition revealed at the end of last month. The HTC One with "Nexus user experience" will be appearing on the 22nd of June.

An important point of distinction with this release is the fact that this machine will be called the HTC One, not any iteration of Verizon's "DROID" line. This machine will not replace the DROID DNA with Verizon, nor will it knock out any other HTC device currently in Verizon's lineup (not directly, anyway). This is a big marker in the history of HTC with Verizon as their inclusion in the DROID line has, up until today, been a bit of a staple.

Stay tuned as the HTC One gets detailed in full from Verizon as they push past the initial Twitter announcement. This device will quite likely be launched in a 32GB iteration in silver, though a red version of the device is not yet out of the question.