This iPhone 13 concept is too insane for Apple, but what about Android?

This week we were looking at the latest in an always-wild collection of iPhone 13 concepts, seeking the hidden points of reason that always seem to leak before the real deal from Apple. Today, a concept for an iPhone 13 device seemed to show a machine that was evolutionary, but perhaps a bit TOO revolutionary Apple to consider creating. Apple doesn't make products like this – or at least they never have before. But let's imagine a brand that releases Android phones – could something like this bit of madness be possible today?

The device you see in the concept video below shows an iPhone 13 with several hardware features that Apple will not likely adopt any time soon. This smartphone has a speaker grille for its front-facing earpiece (for telephone calls), but the speaker peeks through a punch-hole in the display. As we've seen in iPhones since the iPhone X, Apple's already made its choice when it comes to using oddly-shaped displays to make way for front-facing cameras, sensors, and speakers – they went with the notch.

The iPhone 13 concept comes from the group called ConceptsiPhone, a creator known primarily for... you guessed it. He's also been making iPhone concepts for a while – well before the most recent iPhone 12 leaks began. ConceptsiPhone was created by Ran Avni, and made its way to thousands of subscribers primarily through Apple product concept renderings shared on YouTube and other social networks.

Avni creates beautiful renderings of products that could, potentially exist, but in this case, won't likely actually come to fruition. The iPhone 13 concept in the video below has software elements that make use of the curved-edge display that cascades down all four sides of the phone. This has been done, and it didn't end up catching on very well, with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.

The curved-edge display caught on, for sure – all of Samsung's biggest models have toned-down edges similar to this here over half a decade after the first "Edge" display. But using the edge as a sort of app drawer – that didn't turn out to be particularly helpful, or useful enough to keep.

This iPhone 13 concept also slides – the top half slides over to reveal the back half of the phone, which sports a secondary display. A recent TCL-made extendable smartphone was shown as not only a smartphone concept rendering, but an actual, working device.

But TCL didn't make a device with a slide-out secondary display. LG made a rotate-to-reveal secondary display in a concept called LG Wing, just revealed this mid-May. LG also delivered a dual-screen Android collection with devices like the LG G8X ThinQ and the "LG Dual Screen."

LG also made a device called "Flip II" for its release in Europe, and T-Mobile LG Doubleplay here in the USA. That is a device released all the way back in the year 2011, here in the USA, with a slide-out secondary touchscreen display, running Android.

But what of the slide-out FULL SIZED second display like what we see in the concept video above? As we know, Google is prepared for two-screen Android devices – and a device like what you see in the iPhone 13 concept video above COULD be made as an Android device at any time.

The only problem is – would anyone actually want it? It'd probably cost a large sum of money, given what we've seen in foldable display devices so far. Or maybe, if the front display didn't have curved edges, it could be made relatively inexpensively – they've already perfected the hinge all the way back with the HTC Magic / T-Mobile G2 over a decade ago! Does it make sense to make another device like this now? Check the timeline below for a few more clues indicating we'll see more Android devices like this, soon!