The Daily Slash: November 17 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 17, 2010, 8:43pm CST
The Daily Slash: November 17 2010

It’s a day full of fun, in the USA at least, so much of it I can barely contain my joy for it all! Two more Samsung Galaxy Tabs available, one from Costco, the other from Bell. LG announces a new phone by the name of APEX, and Giorgio Armani releases their very own Samsung Galaxy S. Then some sweet concepts: a Porsche phone, a hybrid AMOLED/E-Ink phone, a Mercedes-Benz Biome concept car grown in a nursery, and a solar powered umbrella. Evan’s “Week with the HTC HD7” continues with “the Apps,” Don decides on Vizio, and Phillip marks the recession of the Social Tide with one big delete button. All this and MORE on The Daily Slash!

You know that pesky little thing called Net Neutrality – aka the principal that service providers and governments should not be allowed to restrict content, sites, platforms, equipment and modes of communication through the internet? Well the UK Communications Minister Ed Vaizey is against that, saying today at a London telecommunications conference organized by the Financial Times: “the market should decide the extent to which service providers can charge for preferential content delivery and slow down other traffic.”

Enough said?

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R3 Media Network

Sam’s Club Now Offering iPad With Minor Discount
HTC DROID Merge Heading To Verion On Thursday
Twitter Update iOS app, Provides Push Notifications For Mention And Direct Message

Android Community
Hamilton CapTel offers Android app for hearing impaired
Nexus S concave touchscreen originally intended for Sprint?
Sony Ericsson ANZU/XPERIA X12 previewed
Samsung Galaxy Tab: Five Carriers, Three Cases – Which Feels Best?
Dropbox for Android Updated
HTC Knight is actually HTC EVO Shift 4G?
Mobclix survey reveals demographics of Android users
Samsung and Cellular South agree to LTE network launch plan
Samsung Galaxy Tab for Bell Now Available, Costs $599.95 [ANOTHER TAB]
Android Market’s Publishing Interface Gets Updated, More Signs of Gingerbread [GINGERBREAD]
Cooliris Liveshare Application for Android Deployed Today, Special Events Around the Globe This Week
Conceptual Design for Porsche Smartphone is Sleek, Hot, Amazing [CONCEPT]
Honeycomb equipped Motorola MOTOPAD expected February/March 2011 [HONEYCOMB]
Giorgio Armani Samsung Galaxy S Announced from Seoul [REAL DEAL]
HTC and Samsung believe Android will dominate future smartphone market
PocketBook IQ EBookReader Hands-On and Video Review
Verizon Galaxy Tab Hitting COSTCO for $589.99 [ANOTHER TAB]
LG Apex Announced by US Cellular, to be Released on November 19 [NEW PHONE]
Cooliris Liveshare App Review [REVIEW]

Low-temp ceramic micro fuel-cells promise affordable methane power
Fluid Dress is incredible labor of fluid-filled love [Video] [MPLS YAY]
Color e-paper drawing tablet gets Berlin outing
White iPhone 4 conversion kit seller gets legal threat after $130k sales
Motorola MOTOPAD Honeycomb tablet due Feb/Mar 2011 with Tegra 2 tip insiders
PeeWee Pivot 2.0 tablet laptop launches
Fujitsu multitouch resistive touchscreens bring cheap pinch-zooming to Windows 7 notebooks
Hulu Plus officially launches at $7.99 per month; hits Roku today
BYD Alice Tegra 2 Froyo tablet wants a chance at the market
Palm to reclaim smartphone “birthright” with phones & “a great tablet” tips Rubinstein
Sharp 3D smartphone launches for US, India & China tipped for 2011
VUDU 2.0 UI teased; HD PS3 streaming due later this month
A Week with the HTC HD7: the Apps [FEATURED]
Why my next HDTV will be a Vizio [COLUMN]
How Microsoft Got 1,000 Plus Apps Developed for the Launch of Windows Phone 7
Conceptual Hybrid Display Phone Works with Both AMOLED and EInk [CONCEPT]
Sony PSP2 Supposedly Breaks Cover, Shows Off Twin Thumbsticks
Day Shade Night Light Solar Powered Patio Umbrella Conceptualized [CONCEPT]
Mercedes-Benz Biome Concept Car is Grown Inside a Nursery [CONCEPT]
Bose Bluetooth Headset unboxing & hands-on [FEATURED]
Google Docs Now Let You Edit Documents on the Go
Assistant Professor Wants to Install a Camera Into the Back of His Head
The Social Tide Receding [COLUMN]

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