Assistant Professor Wants To Install A Camera Into The Back Of His Head

It may sound like the plot of some kind of indie, small-time Science-Fiction movie being filmed in someone's garage, but it's not. No, an assistant professor from the University of New York actually wants to install a camera into the back of his head, which would provide live streaming images that would be sent to a museum in Qatar. It's part of an art piece, called "The 3rd I."

Wafaa Bilal is an assistant professor of photography at the University of New York, and he is planning on doing something that many have never even dreamed of. As part of artwork called "The 3rd I," Bilal is planning on installing a camera into the back of his skull. The camera, which would be installed for one year, would provide live streaming images to a museum in Qatar as part of the artwork. The idea behind the installation of the camera, and the resulting streamed images, is to "comment on the inaccessibility of time and the inability to capture memory and experience."

Of course, there's already concerns about privacy being aroused. Officials, and others at the University of New York, are suggesting that Bilal be forced to cover the camera with a lens cap, or turn it off altogether, while on New York University property. Luckily for the students and faculty at the University, Bilal has already agreed to cover the camera while on school property, thanks to a lens cap.

[via The Wall Street Journal]