Sony PSP2 Supposedly Breaks Cover, Shows Off Twin Thumbsticks

Evan Selleck - Nov 17, 2010
Sony PSP2 Supposedly Breaks Cover, Shows Off Twin Thumbsticks

While, traditionally, leaks of major cell phones, or smartphones, are marred by images taken by one “Mr. Blurrycam,” it looks like that individual may have finally stumbled into another market. Here, supposedly, are the first images of what VG247 is calling the PSP2. And, as we can see from the images, there aren’t a lot of details to be really seen, but we definitely can’t deny those pair of thumbsticks there.

From what we can tell in the images, one of the front (above) and one of the rear (below), the PSP2 will indeed be a slider device, and it will obviously still feature the same PlayStation-famous layout of buttons. But, what’s different, is the addition of another thumbstick, right there on the right side of the device. This is what most users of the original PSP models wanted: a second thumbstick. We can also see the trackpad on the back of the device, a front-facing camera, and a microphone.

But, there’s supposedly already been a few changes made. A few, but big ones. According to an update, it looks like Sony has already scrapped this idea, model design for the PSP2, and decided to go with something other than a sliding form factor, to better help with overheating issues. What’s odd, though, is that this “development kit” doesn’t feature the same segmented D-pad that the PlayStation has been so famous for using over the years. It could be just that it was an early model, and that part didn’t get added yet, but it seems suspicious to us. Either way, it looks like Sony has already moved on to something else, so let’s start getting ready for the next leak, shall we?

[via VG247]

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