Day Shade Night Light Solar Powered Patio Umbrella Conceptualized

It used to be that people didn't mind having all sorts of items lying around them, whether it was on their desk, or their table. But, in today's world, bringing together multiple pieces of technology, and creating one ultimate gadget is the focus, and that's why this patio umbrella just makes sense. After all, why wouldn't you want to combine your umbrella with a light?

The Day Shade Night Light, which probably really is the best name for something like this, is designed to be just your every day umbrella during the day, providing you shade while you enjoy the nice weather outside. But, while it's doing that, it's also absorbing plenty of energy from the sun, thanks to the flexible solar panels sitting atop it. So, when night inexorably arrives, you'll be able to keep the umbrella up, this time as a source of light.

On the under side of the umbrella, there would be flexible LEDs, which would provide the light. The people under the umbrella would be able to control how bright the lights are, with an external switch. As of right now, the Day Shade Night Light solar powered patio umbrella is just one more great concept, but there's always a chance it gets picked up by someone.

[via GearLog]