The Daily Slash: November 10 2010

What a frajabulous day of revealing leaks, first looks, and yes, HAX. There were not one, but TWO sightings of Droid 2 functionalities in the wild. The myTouch 4G was blessed with a Permaroot, and that brand new Android-to-iPhone port was granted a no-computer install and activation. Then to rather peek-a-boo moments: a Sharp ISO1 Unboxing and a Hustler app for Android. Apple tops the holiday want-lists (is anyone surprised?), the SlashGear Pad and Quill iPad case giveaway winner is revealed, and Nintendo wants to own "It's On Like Donkey Kong!" All this and some lovely FEATURES coming your way today, on The Daily Slash!

SlashINTERNETS There are two really rock and roll amazing things about the internet. One, is the the fact that it changed the world and keeps me in the technologically neato news publishing business. Two, is the fact that it does things like give little kids back their stolen backpacks. Just the other day, the internet (including, importantly, Gizmodo and Reddit,) got word of this little man getting his backpack (full of Halloween candy and a PSP) stolen! So what did they do? Like all good communities, they called out for help. Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel got wind of it, and like a good talk show host, he did a special on the situation and sent the kid a new backpack with new candy, a new PSP, and a bonus NERF gun. Win! I love you, internet. Watch the Jimmy Kimmel clip here:

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Android Community

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