The Daily Slash : April 6, 2011

Chris Burns - Apr 6, 2011, 9:28pm CDT
The Daily Slash : April 6, 2011

Welcome back, Gadgeteers! Today we’ve got a brand new format for SlashGear for you all and we’re super pumped about it! There’s been a lot of action going on in the recent past and this right here is the place where you’re gonna find out about it! Before we begin though, I must have you peek at both of our brand new startup Facebook groups – it’s like we’re starting fresh! [] and [] We’d love for you to like us and promise a fabulous experience. Believe it! Next we’ve got a whole tiny stash today of exclusive and otherwise awesome contents for your consumption – mount up!

First let me give you a swift overview of some of the reviews we’ve had not only today, but over the past week or so. Wouldn’t want you to miss a flagship!
Nintendo 3DS [Nintendo]
HTC Desire S [Android]
Bose Bluetooth Headset [Smartphones with Bluetooth]
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY [Android]
HTC Arrive [Windows Phone 7]
T-Mobile Nokia C7 [Symbian]

Then there’s pure Android with Android Community!
SPB Shell 3D Home Screen Replacement
Tango Video Chat for ThunderBolt
Samsung Galaxy S 4G
Dell Venue
Guerilla Bob on Motorola XOOM
Weatherbug for Honeycomb
Vendetta Online MMORPG

Next I’ve just got to tell you all about our new Android Community logo – it’s so mad, you cannot possibly resist. So much so that we just had to have a free embroidered polo shirt giveaway contest. Check out all the info on the logo [right here.]

Then it’s time to go to SCHOOL, fool! Two lessons in Android you’re NEVER gonna forget: first you’ve got to read our Android 101 on what brands have to do to get approval from Google for Android. Then take a trip down breakdown lane with Android Remains Open, Android Remains Powerful. And while we’re here, take a peek at our EXCLUSIVE LEAK of the Kyocera Katsura gaming tablet.

Next it’s time for some personalization. Columns from the top minds in this streetwise field of electronics and mobile electronics:
For a gadget reviewer, I’m rubbish at advice – Chris Davies
Cutting the Cords – Philip Berne
Smartphone Screens: How Big is Too Big? – Avi Greengart
How Apple Can Become the Next Gaming Giant – Don Reisinger
Want to Hear a Great Story? – Ben Bajarin

Continue down the path into dreamland with Ben as he explores BlueStacks: Android for Windows followed by The Disruptive Potential of the Amazon App Store and his Two Concerns for Android.

Then lemme throw three curveballs your way: SG Comics Presents: Google & CNN Face Recognition Interview and a big fat invitation ticket to two events:
HTC April 12th [Pyramid? Honeycomb?]
BlackBerry April 14th [PlayBook!]

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