Comcast and TiVo partnership finally rolls out a product

So two years ago Comcast announced that some or all of their DVR boxes would be getting pimped by the people who make TiVo, well, someone finally got one of those boxes. To be more specific a Mr. Steve Garfield in Boston has gotten one of the boxes.


Free Music Choice VOD for Tivo Subscribers

Another score for Tivo this week, first the Comcast-Tivo DVR roll-out, then the online photo sharing partnership with Photobucket and Picasa and now an immediate service with Music Choice network via Tivocast. The Tivo subscribers with S2 or S3 series will have access to broadband video content with nearly 1,000 of music video at launch and several more in all for free! Well folk, you get Tivo livetime service yet?

TiVo Boosts Its Robust Broadband Offering With the Addition of the Music Choice Network’s Vast Library of Music Videos & Original Music Programming [via CNN Money]

Tivo team up with Photobucket and Picasa for online photo sharing

Good news for Tivo customer with Photobucket or Google’s Picasa. You can now access your online web album up to HD resolution (namely 720p, 1080i) on your TIVO S3 or Tivo HD. Other features included sideshows, browsing and sharing with the convenient of Tivo Keywords search. Tivo used to has similar service with Yahoo! Photos but Yahoo ditched it right after acquiring Flickr. The latter choice is not much of an upgrade since Flicker is a much bigger photo sharing service in the industry. It would be nice if we could have all 3 of them.


Tivo Busting out of Set-Top Boxes and coming to your PC

Thanks to a new deal with Nero, TiVo is well on its way to hitting your PC. Sure, Windows Media Center has done a good job of dominating the DVR on a PC industry for oh so long, but it looks like they are getting some competition from a worthy competitor.

Soon you’ll have your choice of Open Source MythTV (and SageTV), Closed source Windows Media Center, and Closed source (but non-windows) Nero/TiVo TiVo service. I like choices, and the only thing that has kept me from getting a TiVo in the past has been the monthly fees, so, removing those by making me responsible for obtaining the proper hardware, well that’s fine, and I might use the TiVo app on my PC when it comes out.


TiVo service enters Canada

TiVo service enters Canada

Canadian can finally enjoy the famous TiVo service as TiVo announces its availability in Canada. Tivo Series 2DT is the only device that will be sold during the launch giving Canadian consumer up to 80 hours of recording time. The set top box sells for $199 at some stores such as Best Buys and Future Shop. As for the subscription rates, TiVo said it should be close to what US consumers are paying.

TiVo service goes live in Canada [via electronista]

TiVo unveil promo price-plans, resurrect lifetime subscription

The fusty cynic in me still baulks at paying a monthly fee for something I could get a decent facsimile of for free, but TiVo’s latest deals – supposedly “Holiday Promotions” – do tip the balance a little further in their favour.  Previously you could only get the pay-as-you-go deal if you were willing to sign up for a three year contract, but now the $12.95 package is open to everyone.  Pre-pay options are rejigged too, with the biggest reduction being $50 off the one-year deal (down to $129) while the two-year is reduced $30 to $249.  They’re also temporarily bringing back the “lifetime” subscription deal, priced at $399.



TiVo HD or Series3 – which should get your high-def PVR money?

The guys over at Engadget HD (you know, the res is so high you can count every hair in their nostrils) have taken pity on everybody confused by the sudden surfeit of high-definition TiVo goodness, and have set about pitting the HD model versus the Series3 in a cage-fight brawl to the death.  Well, they’ve compared them, anyway.



Rumor – TiVo Lite to be released

Those of you looking for a cheaper TiVo might just be in luck. That is, if the rumor mill can be trusted. According to the latest rumors, a new slimmed-down “TiVo Lite” could be in the works.


CableCo’s Raising Set-Top Box Rental Rates

The good news is the feature list for set-top boxes should be increasing. Set-Top boxes should also become consumer electronics devices, sold and marketed to the consumer instead of video service providers.

Essentially the reason for the price hike is the FCC is finally enforcing previous rulings which push for user-marketed boxes, whereas the current market is setup so that the various cable companies select the boxes they want to allow their customers to use and only market those boxes to the consumer. (more…)

Never miss another show again

I love my DVR. It records so many wonderful shows, thus allowing me to watch them later, and skip through all of the commercials. The only complaint that I have with it is the fact that sometimes it runs out of room. Granted, it’s probably my fault for setting it to record more shows than I can possibly watch. I keep telling myself I’ll have more time one of these days.


Amazon & TiVo in movie download harmony

Those Gizmodo boys – just when the weather is beginning to turn and get sunny, instead of playing outside with their friends they’re inside downloading films from Amazon Unbox direct to their TiVo.  Shame on you!  Anyway, they’ve been good enough to write up the experience for us; basically NetFlix over your broadband, only with some tedious limitations



TiVo Series3 Priced At $800

TiVo Series3 Priced At $800

Engadget’s reader, Matt sent in a tip confirming the price on the Series3 is, indeed going to be $800.  It’s possible that Popular Mechanics got the scoop or they jumped the gun.   I doubt that the Series3 will ever be sold at MSRP – I’d say the top price is no higher than $600.  Popular Mechanics and TiVo has not disclosed the launch date.

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