The BOSS Comes To Prisons – Body Orifice Security Scanner

Sometimes I see a product and I think… that’s perfect! The Body Orifice Security Scanner, or BOSS, is something along those lines.

Prisons in England and Wales are using the BOSS to scan inmates for “hidden objects”. This chair comes with three sensitive sensors capable of detecting hidden materials as small as a paperclip within the body.

Truthfully, I think it’d be a lot more useful in another setting, airports. Just a quick sit in the chair and no more hassle of “random inspections”. I think it would be quicker as well as less invading.

Boss Body Scanner [via Coolest Gadgets]

Voiscan – text to voice from HP and Mouscan

Mouscan, a South Korean company, has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to deliver its newest product. Using HP technology, Mouscan is putting out a device which will scan, translate and read aloud to you any text. They are calling it Voiscan… where do they come up with these names.


Dell XPS M1530 – Thin and quite attractive

Imagine the XPS M1330, but about 2 inches larger in the diagonal, that’s pretty much what this laptop is. It has nVidia graphics, but to 256MB video ram, and the option for a Blu-Ray drive and HDMI out. It has Bluetooth, and WiFi N.

It offers up dual core processors from Intel, a card reader, a slim remote that stows away in the ExpressCard slot, HD display choices to get the most out of your media, a 2MP web cam, a fingerprint scanner, and low-pro optical drives featuring either Blu-Ray or a DVD-burner. You get your choice of 3 colors, Crimson Red, Tuxedo Black, or Alpine White too.


Starhub and EZ-Link offer cell phone payment system for public transportation

At least they do in Singapore. All you have to do is tap your NFC capable phone to the scanner. NFC stands for near-field communications.

So basically this works a lot like most of the newer credit/debit cards that are coming out with the scanning technology were you just have to tap your card to the reader and off you go. The only difference it works with cell phones instead, this may not be the first mobile phone based payment system, but it definitely seems like the most functional.


Toshiba e-STUDIO180s and e-STUDIO200s MFP series printers

Just when you thought the SOHO market was going sour, Toshiba has come along and dropped a couple of Multi-Function Printers just for that segment. The e-STUDIO180s and e-STUDIO200s will help your small or home office out by adding printing, scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities.

The e-STUDIO180s is a black and white printer, copier, and color scanner. The e-STUDIO200s is the same thing, but add the ability to fax.


Sharp unveils a tiny LCD screen that doubles as a scanner

Sharp has shown off an interesting new piece of technology in the form of a small 3.5-inch LCD screen that also doubles as a scanner.

“The screen, on show at the Ceatec exhibition, features an optical scanner for each LCD pixel, and could also be used to recognise fingers or other objects.” Just imagine if something like this were incorporated into a mobile phone. If someone were to say, hand you a business card, you could simply place it on the screen and scan it. Or, you could have a biometric lock on your phone.


Fujitsu introduces Palm reader mouse

Fujitsu introduces Palm reader mouse

Fujitsu unveiled the world’s first palm reader mouse that works as a computer mouse and security clearance system by scanning and reading the pattern of veins in the user’s palm.

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Digitize your 35mm pictures with this USB scanner

No one uses 35mm cameras anymore. Okay, most people don’t use them, I still know a few photographers that refuse to move into the digital age because they think the older 35mm film has a better look to it. Regardless if you have upgraded to digital, you’re bound to have some negatives or slides lying around. What to do with them?


Milkscanner – 3D mapping does a body good

3D scanning technology is cool, but unfortunately it requires complex equipment that will cost you a good chunk of change. That, or you can just make your own with stuff you have lying around.

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