Parrot ANAFI Ai early access program revealed for pro-droning

There's an early access program coming to the likes of the Parrot ANAFI Ai 4G LTE-connected drone. This is the sort of program you get in on if you're a hardcore drone user, if you're the sort of professional who uses drones for high-level visuals or 3D scanning, and for those that wish to be the first users of the Parrot ANAFI Ai 4G robotic UAV. Parrot does make clear that this is for "professional drone operators"... but that's you, right?

This program is for professionals in a wide variety of industries. Parrot suggests that this drone is intended to benefit professionals in public safety, surveying, infrastructure, inspection, construction, defense, and agriculture. As such, a small group of individuals will have a period of access with the drone to help the company explore the possibilities and collect data.

To learn more about the drone itself, take a peek at our initial Parrot Anafi Ai article from back in June, 2021, when the device was first revealed.

The Early Access Program will require that the user be in contact with Parrot throughout the span of the loan period. There'll be a loan period of a total of 2 months, and a "dedicated communication with the Parrot team will facilitate operating experiences." They're looking for feedback on usage. They're looking for photogrammetry 3D models, and flight logs, and datasets aplenty.

If you're the sort of person who is in a position to take part in this program, head over to the ANAFI Ai Early Access Program page and find the application form. You WILL need to be a "professional drone user or operator performing missions for your business or commercial activity" to take part.

Now we have only to cross our fingers and hope that the many top-tier features included with this hardware make their way to consumer-ready drones in the future. Imagine being able to 3D scan your favorite landmarks and 3D print the lot of them, or having all the wireless connectivity your drone can handle – making your flight path less limited than ever before. We shall see!