Matterport is now the newest iPhone and iPad's most awesome 3D app

The folks at Matterport revealed a relatively major update this week, specifically for iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro 2020. This update adds improved dimensional accuracy with LiDAR for those two devices. This means that the 3D sensor at the back of the device – that sensor you're usually not thinking about more than once in a blue moon – will be used to capture and create some of the most awesome media you've ever had the opportunity to share.

Matterport isn't strictly new. This app and the company behind it have been capturing 3D models with smartphones for a while. It's this connection – this use of LiDAR on these most advanced devices – that makes the app work in a much more magical way.

If you've never used an app like Matterport before, chances are you're not a real estate agent. The most common use for this sort of app seems to be capturing the insides of a building, making it possible for a person to take a 3D tour of a space. That's pretty awesome in and of itself. Being able to move through a potential rental property makes the whole process more engaging and appealing than a simple set of photos.

Matterport opens the door to 3D scanning for use in all sorts of applications and sharing situations beyond this, too – and with more phones and tablets onboard with 3D-sensing scanners right out the gate, it's only getting easier and more accurate.

To take a peek at Matterport for any iPhone, iPhone 6s and later, or iPad, iPad Air 2 and later, the Matterport app on the Apple app store is the way to go. There's also a Matterport Capture beta for Android devices.

Matterport also specializes in the handling and display of 3D-captured content from a variety of cameras, both standard flat and 3D / spherical. They're ready to roll for all the immersive image captures you can toss at them. They've been at this for almost a decade at this point.