Pioneer PD-D9 SACD deck launches to stifled yawns

I’m all for choice, in fact some people know me as “Mister Choice” seeing as I’m so open to suggestion (please note, this is a lie), but sometimes a gadget comes along that leaves you wondering exactly who will ever buy it.  Pioneer’s PD-D9 is one such lump, being as it is not only a CD player but – drumroll, please – an SACD player too.



Philips SHD9100 – Wireless headphones never looked so stylish

I’ve got a pretty decent pair of headphones that I use when I feel like zoning out into my own little world while listening to my music very loudly. Yes, I’ll probably be deaf by the age of 35, but I’ve come to terms with that. The worst thing about my headphones is that they only have a 3-foot cord. If my PC didn’t have a connector on the front for them, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to use them. What I wouldn’t give for a really nice pair of wireless headphones such as the new ones from Philips.


IFA 2007 – Philips shows off new Power4Life chargers

The problem with all of your portable gadgets is that the battery always dies when it’s least convenient. Philips has announced a new product that hopes to eliminate this issue.


IFA 2007 – Philips Aurea sheds a new light on your TV

IFA 2007 – Philips Aurea sheds a new light on your TV

Remember when Philips launched their Ambilight TVs? It seems like it wasn't that long ago, but apparently Ambilight is on its way out the door to be replaced by Aurea.

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White Spaces Coalition “Cause the FCC Won’t Let Me Be”

So, as a reminder, there is a government mandate that analog television signals are to cease as of a February 2009. That means that all of the wireless spectrum that was previously allotted to this purpose will become open for business if you will.

Well, almost as soon as that mandate was made, just about all of the major players in the technology world grouped up and formed the White Spaces Coalition. The companies that are included are as follows: Microsoft, Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Philips, and Earthlink.


Philips tentative answer to AppleTV’s streaming media

I’m not going to make the obvious “borrowing of industrial design” comment, but Philips partially-unveiled answer to the AppleTV looks to be sticking a little too closely to established media streamer form for my liking.  Inside the brushed-aluminium box is a 40GB hard-drive, while you can plug in larger hard-drives round the back, as well HDMI, optical audio and a WiFi connection hidden inside.


Philips shows off simple NAS device

If you’re looking for a simple NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution, Philips has you coverd.


Philips celebrate 10 years of Ambilight with new LED-backlit displays

For my tenth birthday I think I probably got a Transformer.  Philips is obviously a tad more generous, and is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Ambilight technology with three new 1080p sets that each use LEDs for their backlighting.



Philips helps consumers go green

Lately companies have put out more and more products that are considered green. Philips has now released the Green Tick logo to help consumers recognize products that are a bit more environmentally friendly.

This logo is placed on products that are 10% better in comparison to other products on the market. However, they only have to be better in one of these five categories: hazardous substances, energy efficiency, weight, packaging and recycling. Although it is great that Philips is taking a step in the right direction, the logo does not mean that the product is completely green. It just means in comparison to other products it is the lesser evil.

Although there are not all that many products with the Green Tick logo, Philips intends to bring up that number by the end of this year.

Philips helps buyers pick green gadgets
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Latest Pronto remote is ‘Lite’ in name only

As remote controls go, we all know there’re different leagues that they aspire to.  Some low-end handsets are content with replacing a crusty old faithful; others add multi-device control and perhaps a little LCD display.  And then you have the big league, the remotes that actually border on Mensa challenges; Philips’ NX ProntoLite easily falls into that category.



Introducing the Phillips Longneck

Don’t you just hate notebooks that look and act just like all of the rest? Apparently the guys over at Phillips are tired of just that.

They have developed a laptop that stands out, or at least the monitor stands out; it is the aptly-named Longneck. The 12-inch display is movable and extendable so you can adjust it to the most ergonomic position. It is powered by an Intel Core Duo, 1GB of RAM and a 100 GB hard drive.


New technology from Philips aims to thwart video pirates

You might want to think twice about pulling TV shows off of your DVR and distributing them in the future. But I don’t have to tell you guys that. I know all Slashgear readers are good, honest citizens.

Philips is working on a new technology that will place a unique watermark all video broadcasts that can be traced back to the set-top box that the signal came from. They claim that there is no way to separate, remove, or alter the watermark so that it can no longer be traced.

They claim that this is a good move for consumers because it will allow providers to “confidently broadcast more high definition and early release material that is typically at higher risk for piracy.” As long as the watermark isn’t visible to the naked eye, I don’t really think this will be any problem for the average user. Just don’t go sharing the contents of your DVR with everyone.

Philips watermark tech traces pirated TV content [via tgdaily]