Philips Hue recalls outdoor power supplies due to safety risks

There has been a rise in outdoor smart security cameras and outdoor smart lights but not all of these products are created equal. Most will naturally promise weather-proofing, considering they're always exposed outside, though you have to carefully read the fine print to be sure. You'd expect that big brands already have that down to a "T" but even these big boys accidentally slip up. That's the unfortunate case for Philip's outdoor Hue lights whose power supplies apparently have a literally shocking defect.

Outdoor equipment needs to be able to withstand the elements, especially electrical ones that have to survive more than just the occasional shower. Many of these products, like connected cameras and smart lights, are themselves waterproof but even and especially their power supply units or PSUs have to be that as well.

Philips, unfortunately, confirms that a small number of those aren't. Specifically, some Philips Hue 40 Watt outdoor power supply units are apparently easily damaged by water leakage. More than just potentially damaging your Hue lighting, however, they also pose a safety risk when the wet PSU is touched.

Owners of Hue outdoor lighting shouldn't panic, though, as Philips narrowed down the particular models that may be affected by this defect. To be specific, PSUs produced on or before week 41 of 2019 are potentially affected. These are PSUs that shipped with Huae Lily spot lights, Calla, Impress, and Econic pedestal lights between 2018 and 2020.

If you do happen to have one such PSU, the first and most important step to take is to unplug it. You then need to fill out a form to receive a replacement unit. The US Consumer Protection and Saftey Commission isn't requiring Signify Holdings, the company behind Philips Hue, to issue recalls but it is voluntarily doing so anyway to protect its customers.