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Tummy Shield protects pregnant women in car accidents

It is always nice when the creator of a product has a bit of personal motivation guiding them. One Aussie dad created this product in reaction to an accident his wife was in while pregnant, causing his unborn child brain trauma.


The Power Assist Wagon does the work for you

If you’re stuck carting your kids around at the park and other family affairs, that wagon you pull them in might be getting a bit heavy. If you need an extra boost to keep you going all day, this little guy with its motor might be just the boost you need.

(more…) keeps parents informed

Parents today are stuck making trying choices to do with technology and gaming and generally speaking they don’t have enough knowledge to make a decent decision. Well a site has finally been created to let parents know what to watch out for in games. No, it doesn’t just say blood, or violence. It actually goes into a lot of detail as to what might be a problem with young children.


CES 2008: Pocketfinder Personal Location Device

The Pocketfinder is a small personal GPS. It’s purpose is to help parents keep track of their children when playing or even someone with down syndrome, Alzheimer’s or autism. Heck, you could even use this device to keep track of a valuable asset if your wanted as it’s only about the size of an oreo.


The My Little Eye baby camera monitor

Even baby monitors have gotten horribly complicated, sometimes giving way more features than any normal person would ever use. This more attractive video monitor keeps things simple.


Thermofocus – the no contact thermometer

I would like to start off by saying, I have no children. However, I have somehow managed to always have some kind of small child in my life that I take care of from time to time. I’ve worked daycare, had baby nieces and even helped with a few different friends kids. No matter how much experience I have I still dread taking a child’s temperature.


The Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker

For those that lose their children as much as they lose their keys now there is a similar solution. There have been beepers to add to your keys for those times when they seem to wander off all on their own. Why not just attach one of those beepers to your pesky offspring? This Giggle Bug Toddler Tracker is exactly that, a key tracker created for children.


Geek Inside Tee adds a little fun to boring maternity clothes

For all the pregnant ladies or those considering it sometime in the future this tee will keep you cracking up all through the pregnancy. Well ok, maybe not the whole way through but at least a couple of weeks.


MummyWraps protect expectant mothers

There are a lot of people worrying that being around all of this technology all the time causes physical damage. There have been rumors that cellphones cause cancer among many others. Well expecting mother’s might get a little nervous about all of this, since they now have an unborn child to worry about. Well now you can check out MummyWraps to keep your baby safe.


Bullet Proof Stroller for babies in combat

Does your child have mortal enemies that occasionally drive by and shoot at them? Well you might not be safe, but the baby will in this Bullet Proof Stroller.


Baby on Board sign finally gets interesting

I have a deep undying hatred for those stupid “baby on board” signs. I get why they are necessary, but that doesn’t mean I can’t snicker whenever I see one. I’m pretty sure this sign is more my style, same message, but much more entertaining.


The Boomhut from Kid’s Factory

I remember when the greatest bed a kid could have was one of those race car beds, well at least for the boys. Us girls kind of got the short end of the stick the best we could get was bunk beds or something pink. I would have killed to have this Boomhut bed it even comes in girl colors.


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