Exmobaby and AT&T offer you baby monitoring via phone, tablet, and PC

Exmovere has partnered with AT&T to offer parents of newborns a new way to monitor their babies using today's latest gadgets. The company offers a patented baby pajama called the Exmobaby that measures critical vital signs and transmits this data wirelessly to the parent's smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The biosensors in the Exmobaby pajama measures vital signs such as heart rate, skin temperature, moisture, and movement. The data is then sent intermittently at regular intervals to the designated smartphone, tablet, or PC via AT&T's wireless network. The data is also used to interpret a baby's emotional state and sends alerts when a baby requires attention.

The Exmobaby system gives parents or caregivers useful biophysical data to monitor infants and help bring peace of mind to new parents. However, the device does not offer diagnosis or treatment and the availability and price have not been announced yet.

[via Engadget]