Smart bracelet helps keep track of your kids

Kids have always had a tendency to wander off, no matter how much of a careful parent you are they still like to push their limits. Some parents have had special devices that attaches the kid to them if they are in an overly populated area like the zoo. This little bracelet offers a slightly more chic way to keep tabs on your offspring.

There are two different pieces to this, one is a bracelet for the little one and the other a bracelet for you. Most of the time it appears to be just an average watch. However, when the child steps out of a certain radius, which you program in, it will alert you by vibrating.

Then the LCD screen will point in the direction they are in and tell you the exact distance. Hopefully the kid isn't too mischievous and doesn't just slip it off and put it on a random object. The bracelet was designed by Continuum Studio.

[via yanko]