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Libraries use Guitar Hero to promote literacy

Libraries have always had their different tactics to keep kids within their walls. Usually those tactics actually involve books though, well now they’re tossing in video games like Guitar Hero and “Karaoke”.

They are actually conducting a study involving several libraries throughout the country to see if the video games make kids smarter and increase their literacy. I’m not so sure about all of that, but it can’t hurt to draw kids into libraries.


The Limited Edition Dark Knight Xbox 360

Although thus far there still isn’t a Batman game out to go with the new movie. Many of us geeks are willing to overlook that and still have an Xbox customized with The Dark Knight logo on it.


Solid Alliance’s latest USB Drive

The Solid Alliance has yet again provided me with a good laugh on this Friday morning. Which is good because my caffeine won’t seem to kick in enough to wake me up. They have yet another ridiculously designed USB drive.


DIY computer made out of Legos

Actually, it’s just the case that’s really made out of Legos, the rest are your usual computer parts. However, for once there is a Lego DIY project that isn’t multi-colored.

The ones that have all of the different colors tend to make it look even more like the project of some prodigy ten year old. This one is all black and for once looks like something an actual adult might create.


The i-Knock Personal Instant Messaging Notifier

Instant messenger is always a lot easier than having to sit and talk on the phone, at least for me. However, since it is so casual and just in the home, I have a tendency to get distracted and wander off. That means I have on occasion forgotten to let the person I’m talking to know that I’m afk.


Details on the WoW Achievement system

Blizzard’s new Achievement system has a great many of us curious as to how it will work and if we’ll see it as either an improvement or just a nuisance. Thus far we know only a few details about the upcoming Achievements and how they will work.

Jeffrey Kaplan decided to give a few more details about the Achievement points.  As always, Blizzard is trying to take the Achievements and improve the way they are done in comparison to existing ones like the Xbox version.  One thing they are doing differently is you will be able to track your progression on a particular Achievement.


Pink Lining’s Rose Plates Laptop Bag

Finding a bag that is overly feminine can mean a great many things. For some it’s some bright pink monstrosity, for others it is something a little more understated.


Gamer plays WoW on a 40ft long screen

If you’re starting to think your gaming setup is looking really good, you might checkout this snapshot. Which was created purely to make the rest of us green with envy.


Blizzard gives away Zhevra mount for recruiting friends

If you still have a couple friends who are holding out on playing WoW, now is the time to put a bit more peer pressure on them. Once you recruit a friend that signs up for 2 months and puts you down as a reference, you will get a shiny new Zhevra mount.


Teen kills taxi driver and blames GTA

A teen in Bangkok decided to stab to death a taxi driver. According to him, he just wanted to see if it was as easy as it was in GTA. He apparently chose the taxi driver due to his age and stabbed him to death when he started to fight back.


Diablo III designer hints at a return of the Necromancer

Many Diablo II fans had a love for the Necromancer and sadly it isn’t in the listing for classes coming in Diablo III. Well Jeff Wilson sat down and gave some reasons for that and also gave hope that the Necromancer class still had a chance at being in Diablo III.

Basically, in an effort to make a new game, they only chose old classes that could be changed to make better. The Necromancer was just too good, however, the Witch Doctor is very similar with just a few differences.


NES DVD player mod gone wrong

Yesterday we saw an example of a very well done mod. It was nice and clean and of course got extra points for being a classic. Well today we have what some might call an example of a mod gone wrong.


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