Teen kills taxi driver and blames GTA

Abby McVay - Aug 6, 2008, 5:58am CDT

A teen in Bangkok decided to stab to death a taxi driver. According to him, he just wanted to see if it was as easy as it was in GTA. He apparently chose the taxi driver due to his age and stabbed him to death when he started to fight back.

The teen didn’t show any signs of mental problems when he was questioned, he confessed to the incident. A great many are probably going to point fingers at ill effects of video games. I however, find it more appalling that his parents weren’t bright enough to judge their own teen’s maturity level and keep the game away from him.

Seriously, a great many of us who don’t even have kids have seen kids way too young and immature playing GTA. Purely, because the parents aren’t even paying attention to what the kid is playing and then once they figure it out just shrug it off and let them continue. After all, they’ve already been playing it, why stop them now?

[via newlaunches]

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