Details on the WoW Achievement system

Abby McVay - Aug 7, 2008, 8:58am CDT

Blizzard’s new Achievement system has a great many of us curious as to how it will work and if we’ll see it as either an improvement or just a nuisance. Thus far we know only a few details about the upcoming Achievements and how they will work.

Jeffrey Kaplan decided to give a few more details about the Achievement points.  As always, Blizzard is trying to take the Achievements and improve the way they are done in comparison to existing ones like the Xbox version.  One thing they are doing differently is you will be able to track your progression on a particular Achievement.

On certain ones you’ll actually see a list of completed and uncompleted Achievements.  Which means if you missed something, you know exactly what it was instead of trying to guess and having to start all over again.  Along with that is another new feature one that will track the more quirky things.  Like which bosses have killed your character the most or the most amount of damage ever done.  You can read the full detailed interview here.

[via mtv]

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