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The Voix slim MPX 2.1 speakers feature an upgrade

Voix has just announced that they will be upgrading these speakers by tossing in a built-in iPod dock. Making for a nice set of speakers to toss in your living room or wherever you decide to lounge after the work day is over.

The thin little speakers measure a meter tall, which would make them look especially sleek on either side of your TV. Then when not watching your favorite movie you can just pop the iPod onto the dock and switch to music.


Make your own cases for all of your gadgets

If you’ve been sitting on Etsy browsing for the latest and greatest handmade items that seem so much more personalized than what is sold at any mainstream shop. Then you might want to start considering sucking it up and making your own items.

Although I tend to pretend like I don’t, I do know a bit about all that is crafty. I just retired my sewing needle a while ago and exchanged it for a laptop and several gaming controllers. If I had any amount of sense I’d hop on Reprodepot and snag a pattern to create my own cases for my overabundance of gadgets.


BEBOOK eBook reader

Netherlands company Endless Ideas have released a fresh eBook, the BEBOOK. Seemingly a rebrand of the Chinese Hanlin V3, the device uses a 6-inch 600 x 800 e-paper display and is capable of reading .doc, .txt, .pdf, .jpg, .htm and .rtf files. Onboard storage is 512MB, expandable via SD card, and file transfer is courtesy of a USB 1.1 connector. The company claims to be working on Mobipocket support.


Creative lose MP3 class-action suit

Creative have lost the class-action suit brought against them regarding the quoted capacity of their PMPs.  As such, the company will be forced to offer discounts on future hardware purchases to those who bought a hard-drive based MP3 player before Creative made clear in their documentation exactly what storage was available.  On offer to claimants is a half-price ZEN Stone or 20-percent off any single item at the Creative US online store.


Spy Camera Sunglasses: not exactly James Bond

The geek in me wants to love these camera-encrusted sunglasses, but the rest of me (i.e. the bit that looks after the credit card) recognises them as the awful junk that they are.  Basically a pair of UV400 polarized lenses with a frame burdened down thanks to a 1.3-megapixel digital camera and MP3 player, they have 1GB of onboard storage and a rechargeable li-ion battery good for 9hrs (assuming 1 photo taken each minute).  Like with Oakley’s Thump the earbuds are attached to the arms.


Samsung YP-S2 1GB Shuffle-rival

Samsung’s latest music-only portable media player gets off to a good start by virtue of not being an iPod clone; in fact, the pebble-like YP-S2 is really more of a shiny audio nugget.  Of course, you could say that instead they’ve looked to Sony’s DAP range for their inspiration.  Available in five colors, the YP-S2 has 1GB of non-expandable storage and saves space by virtue of a removable USB plug that clicks into the 3.5mm headphone socket when needed.


iRiver E100 MP3 Player – thin and sexy

This isn’t your standard MP3 player, its packing stereo speakers, FM radio, a microSD card slot, line-in, and a new D-Click system. On top of all that it has a large 2.4-inch TFT LCD screen.


Yidsun BlueBoom Bluetooth speakers look plain, in a good way

Yidsun has released 4 new speakers that are all Bluetooth powered. Some of the models have subwoofers, some don’t, but they all have at least two speakers and then pause/play, next, and previous controls.


Clari-Fi headphone adapter cleans the audio from your MP3 player

So you know how you have to compress your audio in order to fit it on your MP3 player, mainly because those lossless formats aren’t really supported, but also because the files are freaking huge. Well supposedly this little thing goes between cleans up the audio, somehow filling in the blank spaces.

Anyways, the end result is supposedly better audio quality is going to your headphones, speakers, or whatever else you connect to this thing. The supposed technology allows for real-time compression, removal of harmful digital artifacts and audio spikes.


MobiBlue Cube 3 – even smaller-er

This is the successor to the Cube 2 and will hopefully have a better user interface as that was one of CNet’s main complaints of the Cube 2. It still has the OLED screen, FM Tuner, and 2GB of storage space.

This player also has support for MP3 and WMA formats which makes it PlaysForSure compatible. Other than the relatively low storage capacity, possibly difficult to navigate UI, there is the $99 price that you’ll have to get over.


SlashDeal: Woot Off!

They’ve done it again. Woot has initiated another Woot Off. For those of you not in the know, a Woot Off is where they sell the same stuff they’ve sold before, mixed in with some new stuff, at some even lower prices than before.


Philips AJL308 – now the big dogs are in the Digital Picture Frame market

Digital Picture Frames were a dream, and a dumb one. This one isn’t much different other than its slightly more attractive, and will probably last marginally longer than some knockoff branded one.


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