ITreq MP3 player for active users hits Kickstarter

There are a lot of products out there that work just fine if you use them in certain situations, but they don't necessarily work that well in other situations. This is particularly true of devices like MP3 players. When you're sitting or just walking around shopping or working, the MP3 player may stay put without any issues at all. However, if you're an active user who likes to exercise, bike, or run I'd wager you've had your MP3 player fall out of your pocket at least a few times while exercising.

A company called VOX One Labs has a new MP3 project on Kickstarter seeking the funding to come to market. The company has designed this MP3 player specifically for active users so it stays in place and usable no matter how strenuously you exercise. The MP3 player is called the ITreq and it's designed to be compact and very lightweight.

The MP3 player rather reminds me of headsets worn by law enforcement officers or the military in that the MP3 player hangs behind the ear with an ear piece that plugs into the ear canal. The ITreq does have an extra 3.5 mm port allowing it to be worn as a stereo headset if desired. The device will come in white, black, or red and will support 4 GB microSD cards. The device will play any MP3 file that you put onto the little memory card.

Users will be able to carry multiple memory cards with them to have access to as many audio tracks if you want. Another nice feature of the audio player is that it has a high impact ABS shell along with medical grade silicone rubber ear hooks. That means it shouldn't feel heavy behind the ear and can survive sweat and the elements.

The devices IP53 water resistant, but not waterproof. That means you can't swim with it, but sweat or the occasional sprinkle of rain won't destroy the player. The project is seeking $56,750, which is a strange amount. So far, the project has raised $6225 with 26 days to go. You will need to pledge at least $59 or more to get one of the ITreq MP3 players for yourself. The more money pledge up to $99, the more 4 GB memory card you receive with your purchase.

SOURCE: Kickstarter