Apple kills iPod nano and shuffle

Both the iPod touch models left in this backwards, messed-up world have been given boosts to storage while the classic iPod nano and iPod shuffle have been discontinued. It's like Apple didn't even care about the people who were putting off buying an iPod shuffle for the past several years – it's as if they didn't even think of me! Meanwhile those users that wanted an iPod nano will have to buy one like a neanderthal, finding them on eBay or wherever the deepest, darkest, dankest resellers now dwell.

Apple suggested today that they're "simplifying" in this move away from the tiniest of iPod models. It's a devastating action when the cutest electronics are ended while the biggest models remain. Those iPod touch models that will continue will do so with new storage capacities, the both of them.

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The newly minted 64GB edition of the iPod touch will cost $199, while the newly massive 128GB version of the iPod touch will ring in at $299. The smaller model used to have 16GB of internal storage, while the larger sported 64GB of internal storage. Now that both models have larger capacities, I can store all my apps – all of the apps I ever bought from the app store, ever.

On the positive side, this ends my looking and longing for an update to the iPod nano line. That line had been on shelves with the exact same build for the past 5 whole years. Without the capacity to run apps, such a cute little monster was doomed to die. It's not as if it could run Apple Music, after all.

For those of you looking for the new versions of these iPod Touch machines, you'll find them in Apple stores immediately if not soon. There's no guarantee that the smaller, discontinued models will be offered for sale by Apple ever again. On the other hand, it would not be surprising to find the last remaining units popping up in sale bins across the planet soon.