MP3 player

NAVIGON 8110 GPS – is a good listener

Not only does it have a nice shiny Aluminum surface and a 4.8-inch screen, but it also has voice commands. You can use those commands to bring up the new 3D navigation that the unit offers up.


The Homade Lego MP3 Player

For some having their gadgets blend in with everyone else is reason to be horrified for life. Now occasionally, that means they must have the newest gadget money can buy, however, other times it means having one of those quirky underground gadgets. This Homade Lego MP3 Player is one way to make sure you always stand out from the crowd.


Sony E020F NW series MP3 players follow the KISS principle

In case you’ve never heard of it, its an acronym for “Keep It Simple Stupid”, essentially it means don’t over complicate things. Sony has done just that with these MP3 players, they work almost identically to a flash drive, you plug them directly into the USB port on your computer, drag and drop your audio files, and it charges as the same time.


iPod Shuffle price dropped, new 2GB model coming soon

Apple announced today that they are dropping the price on their Shuffle, the one gigabyte model, to $49. They also announced that they are rolling out a new 2GB model later this month for $69.


Waterproof Scuba MP3 Player

This unit has an iRiver iFP-380T MP3 player at its core then adds in a waterproof case for that as well as a waterproof amp and set of underwater headphones to complete the underwater aural excursion. The headphones come with clips that allow them to attach the strap on your goggles.


iRiver X20 in new 8GB flavor

It has 8GB of flash storage and a 22 hour battery life. There is also a microSD card slot for memory expansion.


Mustek PF-E700 Picture frame does everything

It has an MP3 player, picture viewer, plays movies, tells you the time, shows a calendar, and will tell you what the temperature inside is. It also has an alarm clock feature built in so you can set it to wake you in the morning.


Baylis Eco EP-MX71 makes you work for your media

This MP3 player is both eco friendly and kind of cool, until you just want to listen to some freakin music! Then again, for those of you more athletic types, this might be a better idea so that you’ll have music instead of carrying around dead weight in the form of an iPod with a dead battery.


Samsung YP-P2 firmware update, again

This firmware update, version 3.07 includes lots of new features. There is now album art in the music selection list, including a cover flow styled menu. You can download the new firmware here, after you do that, unzip it, there should be two files, copy them over to the main directory of your P2 and then disconnect it from your PC, you’ll have to restart it a couple times as it updates, but thats all there is to it.


Mustek dv300t 6-in-1 video camera

This thing is a video camera to the same extent a decent cell phone with video camera capability is. The camera is VGA quality when doing video, and apparently has some sort of image stabilization for when its taking stills at a measly 3.1 megapixels.


Blackberry Bluetooth remote stereo gateway easily connects your wireless tunes to your wired stereo

This little 5cm square gadget connects to your favorite audio system via a headphone jack (which could be split into a pair of RCA jacks with the right cable) and then streams music from your A2DP enable device. That list would include your cell phone or possibly MP3 player.


Motorola Z9 for sale now

Oh, you’ve never heard of it either? Well that might be why its only for sale on Ebay, and furthermore, why it’s the only one.

The gentleman selling the phone says that it won’t be out for a couple of months, and then says other than a few scratches around the screen and the fact the backlight for the keys don’t work, it’s flawless. The guy also says that it’s really just a Razr2 but in a slider form factor.

Now, the guy is clearly looking for a $500+ sell price as the buy it now price is $600 and he says he will include the data cable if the bidding reaches $500 or more. The gent also says that, at least until it’s released to the public, you’ll be the only one on your block with one of these.


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