The iRiver SPINN looks really amazing on the outside and in. It has a 3.2” TFT LCD screen, FM tuner, digital recorder and an e-book.


iRiver e-Book Tablet with handwriting capabilities

iRiver is making a comeback in a major way, they had some pretty amazing products at their booth at CES this year, but for some strange reason I don’t recall seeing this one there. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who must have missed this little gadget, but apparently its up on their site.


CES 2008: iRiver Unit 2 uber-device

Convergence can often be seen as a dirty word, but iRiver’s Unit 2 (which we first caught a glimpse of in January last year, then again in July) seems to have convinced everybody who tried it at CES 2008 that putting a WiFi radio, CD/DVD player, VoIP phone, GPS, streaming and download into a single machine is nothing but A Good Thing, and well worth waiting (and saving up the $700 they estimate it’ll cost) until 2009 to pick one up.  A 30GB drive, SD slot, removable display-cum-independent-7-inch-PMP (800 x 480, 16:9 aspect) and a remote that folds out to give a full QWERTY for messaging round out what could be the gadget of next year.



CES 2008: iRiver Wing UMPC

You’ve got to hand it to iRiver, they pump out some fantastic industrial design.  Latest to prompt a small puddle of drool around my keyboard is the Wing, a flash-based clamshell UMPC with 4-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard.  iRiver’s press release has it down as running embedded Linux Kernel 2.6, which is strange because some are reporting it to be a WinCE Pro machine; assuming the details from the horse’s mouth are correct, the 4GB of memory (and SD expansion) should be plenty for some compact Linux apps.



CES 2008: iRiver announce P10 PMP

iRiver’s latest riposte to the iPod juggernaut is the P10, a minimalist touchscreen PMP launched at CES 2008.  Using a 4-inch, 800 x 480 screen panel, 600MHz processor and built in DMB TV tuner, it’s certainly in possession of the specs to lure a few buyers away from Apple’s clutches.



IFA 2007 – iRiver’s new B20 PMP

iRiver has announced the release of their new B20 PMP. The new player features a 2.4-inch screen and supports many of the popular audio and video formats as well as FM radio.

The B20 will have internal storage of either 1, 2 or 4GB and you’ll be able to add your own SD card for additional storage. You’ll get up to 27 hours of battery life out of it when listening to audio files.

iriver and Rhapsody team up for the clix Rhapsody

I’m sure that more than a couple of you subscribe to the Rhapsody music service. If you’re in the market for a new MP3 player, or happen to already own an iriver clix 2, today’s your lucky day.

Rhapsody and iriver announced today that they will be launching the clix Rhapsody. This new player will allow the exclusive Rhapsody features work on the popular MP3 player. The new 4GB Rhapsody clix will set you back $190.


iRiver PMP cradle has one fatal flaw

Up until recently I was beginning to believe that iRivercould do no wrong.  In fact, I’ve recommended the company’s products to a few Apple-apathetic friends as a good alternative to the ubiquitous iPod.  The Clix 2is just another kick-ass PMP, as we already know, but one of the more interesting accessories iRiver were offering was the combination cradle/speaker.  Pocketables’ Jenn is a big fan of the Clix, and so who better to try out the cradle and see if it’s worth the $45.



W10 PMP is another iRiver tease

Has someone been feeding iRiver something illegal and stimulating?  I only ask because they seem to be on a roll with hot designs and new, leaked-out products lately.  Latest is the W10, a Windows CE-based PMP that not only displays photos and video, plays music and has an FM radio, but also packs WiFi and a VoIP client.



iRiver teases us with new Life Unit page

iRiver has put up a teaser site for their upcoming Life Unit. I have to say that’s a pretty bold name, cramming all of life into one unit.


iRiver NV – sleek media player and loaded with features

The iRiver NV is simply the sexiest media player I’ve seen so far. With minimalist design with a 7-inch LCD screen and a single navigation wheel, the iRiver NV got it all; the look, the touch, and the functions.


iRiver gives Japan a portable satellite TV PMP

Holy crap, iRiver!  Or, more accurately, HO!ly crap, since this is actually the new, satellite TV grabbing HO! PMP.  Using the Japanese USEN mobile TV standard, the well-endowed little bugger can show television content as well as WMV/MPEG-4 video files and MP3/WMA/OGG audio. 



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