WordPress finally streamlined to work with your iPhone

If you are anything like me, you probably instantly thought that this was something you had to pull down from Installer, which meant you had to have a hacked device. Well its not, it’s a WP plugin, which means you have to install it into WP, and then you can access it from the web browser, no iPhone/iPod Touch hacking required.

It converts the whole WP-Admin interface into a mobile Safari friendly interface. With this you can write, and manage existing posts right from your iPhone. And to keep things speedy, it automatically strips everything down to its bare HTML essentials, but it also GZIPs everything before it’s sent to the iPhone, which means it should work rather well even on the EDGE network.


Rumor: Vodafone getting exclusive on 3G UMTS iPhone

So some Italian site (morse.it) is claiming that Vodafone is getting the new 3G iPhone exclusively in all its coverage areas. Furthermore they claim that said iPhone won’t be announced until after the holiday season so as not to affect holiday sales of the current iPhone.

They are claiming that they have received the info from “highly reliable sources”, what kind of “highly reliable sources” is close enough to Apple, but far enough away to go to an Italian blog first? Whatever, we all know a 3G iPhone is due sometime next year, and I personally would be disappointed if it was UMTS and not EV-DO or HSDPA, or even better yet HSDPA/HSUPA.


iPhone plans now cheaper sans data plan option

If you have an iPhone and you have plentiful access to WiFi where you work/live/play and feel you no longer need an EDGE data plan, you can finally remove it. That’s right, your $240 a year can be saved by removing the data/texting plan that comes integrated into the iPhone plans.

Even if you have a GoPhone iPhone account, you might have to call in this instance as Erica Sadun did over at TUAW, but if you are persistent you’ll be able to remove it from your bill. She got her bill down to $29.99 a month, which was just the voice portion of her bill, which should be enough to keep it activated, and still covered under Apple’s warranty/support.


Moto ROKR E8 – it really does exist

In fact, BGR has it in their grubby hands as we speak. The part of the phone they seem to be most intrigued with is the haptic, touch sensitive, morphing, keypad.

It’s hard to explain, but the keypad area of the front fascia of the phone is flat, and blank. Haptics offer up the tactile feedback for the phones keypad which changes based on what you are doing. For example, if you are using the phone function, it’s a number pad, if you are using the media player function, it has music controls for buttons, and if you are using the camera function, there is a set of buttons for that too.


Sony Ericsson MD300 WWAN USB modem

If there is a WWAN network near you, this thing can connect to it, I’m not kidding. It has support for HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, and GPRS, I mean, seriously, that’s a lot of different types of networks.

It has some software that comes built that I assume installs similar to that of software on a flash drive, so pretty much, you plug it in and you are off and running. The best part, its one of the first USB WWAN modems I have seen that isn’t god awful ugly.


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