Microsoft Edge Kids Mode enters testing phase

Microsoft wants everyone to use its new Edge browser, including children. The software giant recently announced a Kids Mode for the Edge browser that has features for protecting children while surfing the Internet. Currently, Kids Mode is rolling out to Edge Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels.

Kids Mode offers custom browser themes along with child-friendly articles to help kids learn to surf safely. The default search function when using Kids Mode sets Bing SafeSearch on and automatically sets tracking prevention to strict mode. Microsoft says that Kids Mode is designed for children between ages five and 12 to safely surf the web.

Parents can launch the new Kids Mode via the profile picker in Edge. Using the mode doesn't require a child account to be set up, making it easier to use, particularly if kids are using a shared PC. If a parent walks away while a kid is using the computer, Kids Mode can't be exited without a password.

Parents can grant exceptions for content kids need to access using a password while they are browsing. That makes it easier to allow kids to browse websites that Kids Mode might block if parents know the website is safe. An integrated "allow list" allows parents to set up lists of websites that children can visit to give more control over their browsing experience.

The allow list is a nice way for parents to always allow children to browse websites that might be blocked by default without entering a password for each browsing session. Microsoft has promised to add new features and functions to Kids Mode as the feature matures. It's also likely to change after Insiders use it and make suggestions on its functionality. It's not clear at this time when Kids Mode will come to the general masses.